62 and sunny, wish it were Saturday

andyandy(6bMI)March 17, 2011

Finally I can take everything out for a couple of hours and give them a good rinsing. We finally hit the 60s today for the 1st time since fall. I wish this had hit Saturday so I could give everything a full day of sun. Unfortunately reality hits in a couple of days and While Saturday is supposed to be sunny it is only supposed to be in the mid 40s.

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Yes finally some warmer weather and NO SNOW lol

Larry very southern ontario also 6b

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The weather was beautiful here today too. I got about 25% of my plants outside and the ones that are out will be staying outside tonight so they can enjoy some 70sF tomorrow! Then the weekend looks rainy and in the 50s like it has been for much of the month, but I would have that over whats to come next week. Its only going to be in the 40sF from Wednesday on. One day is only going to be 43F which is 10F-15F below average! Still no freezes at night in the forecast fortunately, but with that kind of cold, most of the potted plants will definitely be inside. 2 weeks from today and it will be April and I should be starting to take the plants outside by then!

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Lugged the BIG P. canariensis out a few days ago along with the BIG Med. fan. Looks great already! Sometimes, I wish this was all there was to the collection--getting to be a lot of work--especially THIS time of the year (and the FALL). Tracycarpus outside (unprotected) had a hard year, but thank goodness, I notice they are beginning to grow new spears and did not pull. 70-75 tomorrow and the sun beginning to feel hot. Also see some green coloring in the weeping willows around here. Erin go bragh!

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Steamy 72F here today...almost to warm but no complaints!

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topped out at 67 yesterday. I got my two coconuts and two bottle palms out for about 5 hours. I woke up at 3:00 this morning and it was 62 still. 51 and sunny right now. I think they all got a ggod cleaning as I was able to reaaly rince them and it was quite windy. it was nice wearing shorts for the 1st time since fall.

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We got to a beautiful 66F yesterday, but its already about 66F here today and there's still a good 3 hours before we reach the warmest part of the day. It really feels warm outside today. Their are some wasps and other bugs outside today and even though I'm not crazy about bugs, at least they show how warm it really is. My palms are loving it outside, but I dont want them to see the 50s tomorrow so they will be going in tonight (with the exception of a few. My banana plants are actually pushing a new leaf while outside. I cant wait until the weather is this nice every day! The forecast looks a bit better than it did yesterday. Only one or 2 days will be in the 40s and both those days are going to get up to 49F which is cold, but not the 43F that was forecasted yesterday for next week. April is just around the corner and if its anything like last April, the plants will all be outside in 2 more weeks!

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Yea,last April 1 it was 90F here!

No fooling-got the Bananas off to a quick start.

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Same here. It was in the 90s and the night temperatures didnt get out of the 60s! Really amazing April we had last year! I hope its the same this year but that doesnt look like the case. But today made it to about 80F here and it was actually shorts weather (maybe even pool weather) so I was very happy and the plants were too! The crocus, cherries, daffodils, forsynthias, and a few other plants are in bloom now. The Saucer magnolias are very close to blooming.
I got some sugar cane and taro from an Asian Market nearby. I hope I can get some plants to grow out of it. Not a bad day for the plants. The 55F in the forecast tomorrow is going to feel freezing cold compared to the past 2 days but in reality is typical March weather. No more really above average days in the forecast here and a few days will be about 5F below average.

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Near 80 F. here too (79 F.). I see the cool down but at least it looks sunny--hate those long, dreary, cloudy streaks in early Spring. Those really cool temps are in the extended forecast and maybe they will moderate it as the week goes on. I might plant some Needles tomorrow (to replace a dead Butia), and start fertilizing the acid-lovers (hollies and camellias), but I hurt my back recently so will not be bringing any big plants out this weekend anyway. Who knows what the Spring and Summer will bring!?--(Suspect it'll be hot and dry again though.) Locally, Star magnolias (Magnolia stellata), daffodils, and crocus are out. TZ., both sugar cane and taro are easy to grow from the grocery store.

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Thanks for the encouragement on those NJ! I cut up the sugar cane (the sugar cane was 5 feet long!) and I have them by an extremely warm window rooting in water. I have the taro in a pot by the same warm window also. I washed them really well first just incase they had something on them to prevent them from growing. I'll let you know how it works out and if they make a nice sized plant, it would have been a great price because they were very cheap!
I took most of my large plants inside, but it was getting to be too much to do in one day so I left the rest outside and hopefully they wont get POed by the 44F forecasted tonight. Right now its dark and cooling down, but I must admit, its still very nice outside!

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