leaf wilt - fungicide?

lannegreenelagMay 5, 2008

One of the three peonies I put in last fall has over the last few (very wet rainy) weeks had leaves wilt. There are usually one or two lower leaves wilting on the plant every day or two when I check it. I cut off the affected leaves and discard them. The other two plants within 10 foot of this one don't show this problem. Is this due to the overly wet conditions? What can I do? Do I needa a fungicide if so which one?

Thank you!

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It sounds like it may be Botrytis paeoniae and prevention is suggested, as the curing is removal of the affected tissue. It is a fungus and a Bordeaux spray program is the best preventative. Cold dampness and poor air circulation feeds the fungus and should be avoided if possible. Al

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Thank you for the reply. Air circulation they have but I can't help the unseasonaly cold/wet air! Are some peonies more resistant or an I just lucky that only one plant is effected?

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I don't think it is a resistance difference in the species but more likely the plants position in the garden. I have had the problem on one plant in a whole row of apparently healthy plants. It appeared to me that plant was being crowded by its neighbors and its air flow was affected. Al

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