Save a tree peony (tree) - need advice ASAP

desilverMay 24, 2010

Landscape contractor work people inadvertently cut off a struggling 4 year old tree peony several days ago (May 20). I have located the tuber and left it in the ground whilst I search for advice on saving the plant. There is nothing remaining of the foliage or stem - just the tuber. Please offer any suggestions on getting the tuber through the summer alive!

Thank you.

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The only advice is to plant it deep 6 or so inches below the surface. What you have is the nurse root of a grafted tree peony. Plant in an area that will not be disturbed for several years and mark it well. If you are lucky the tree peony stem that should be inside the bundle of roots will send up a new shoot.

I might also ask for a replacement tree peony from the landscape company if you had pointed out that you did not want that plant disturbed. If you told them nothing you will have to remember next time you had landscaping done.

You should of course point out to the company what a tree peony is so they hopefully will be more careful in the future.

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Thank you for your response. I'll hope for the best.

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