Passiflora arida, P foetida, P arizonica

chuparosaSeptember 28, 2007

Just learned this.

Might be helpful to others.

Please do consider invasiveness when selecting plants.

Passiflora arida is invasive at least in Arizona.

It has been misidentified as Passiflora foetida.


"AIDS TO IDENTIFICATION: Passiflora arizonica is the only Passiflora found in Arizona with a lilac-colored corona and pinnatifid stipules. It is easy to distinguish from a commonly confused naturalized (and invasive) species of Passiflora in Arizona, P. arida. P. arida lacks the obvious glandular trichomes that are so abundant in P. arizonica, and generally has more numerous, longer and narrower leaf lobes than P. arizonica."

Note that Passiflora foetida variety arizonica has been recently reclassified as Passiflora arizonica. A real nice plant and I'm told the fruits taste good.

More on recent reclassification and invasiveness at

"Abstract: Two species of Passiflora in Arizona (USA) and northwestern Mexico are investigated. One species, P. arida, native to Baja California and Sonora, has recently been found to be naturalizing in southern Arizona. Another, P. foetida var. arizonica, native to southern Arizona and Sonora, is examined for taxonomic distinctiveness and raised to a new species, Passiflora arizonica. These two species are compared to each other, the potential threat of weediness in P. arida is reviewed, and the distinctive features of the biology of P. arizonica are discussed. Furthermore, comparisons are made with several other related New World Passiflora species of similar geographic range or morphology."

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Great info, thanks for posting. I've read the article and found it very insightful and used it as the basis for a recent article in Desert Survivors most recent newsletter about the Passiflora confusion with bryonioides and arizonica.
I agree the fruit is tasty on arizonica but I do prefer bryonioides.
We'll have both arizonica and bryonioides for sale Oct 6th and 7th if you are interested.

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Desert dweller , do you still sell those two? P.bryoniodes and arizonica?

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