enough calcium in the feed water?

judo_and_peppers(Tampa FL)January 9, 2014

the tap water at my house seems to have a lot of calcium. anywhere there's a leak, a rock hard lump of it appears.

I know peppers like calcium. but too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

I've been doing some research online, according to what I've read, the water has between 170-300ppm calcium content. I have no idea if that's a high number. is it high enough of a number that I shouldn't be adding more by way of bone meal?

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Here in Texas, our water supply is heavily calcified too. Water spots on everything and a new WH every six or seven years. I drip irrigate the peps and the calcium builds up on the emitters too.
Last season I got blossom end rot on the Bhuts, Numex habs, and Corno del Toros. I usually bone meal my tomatoes, so I started applying meal once a month to the peps, and using calcium spray, and the problem stopped. As I understand it, Epsom salts does well too.
This year I'm gonna till in a large bag before planting. Probably a pound per 100 sq. ft.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

The calcium in the water (in both cases from dissolved limestone) may not be in the form that the plants can readily use.

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I agree on adding calcium (at least an initial dose according to the package). I had a big problem this year with Blossom end rot on Ghost peppers. I had no problem with my Red habaneros in the same soil, light, and watering conditions. So I can attest that calcium needs must vary depending on the pepper.

Better to be safe than sorry. By the time I figured out what was was going on, it was too late to save most of my ghost pods. But my late season peppers did come out ok after the addition of Calcium and Epsom Salt.

The pic shows what I was dealing with, the rot is not on the very end of the pepper but it is still BER. At first I thought it might be caused by insects, but I was wrong.

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That's exactly what I had. I put Epsom salts and bone meal around the bushes every month, and watered it in well. A drip irrigation system doesn't deliver enough water to carry nutrients to the root zone, so you have to soak the soil every week of you don't get rain. BTW, you can cut the black ends off, split the remainder, and dry'em. Sometimes the black extends into the whole pod but usually, just on the ends. Good pics, thanks...

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Just a suggestion to fellow pepper growers. This applies to anyone planting anything in soil. If you go to your local farm extension they will give you a bag to collect a soil sample that you can send in to get sampled. Upon sampling your soil you get a report back telling you exactly what amendments are needed to make your soil prime for growing your selected crop. Soils can vary alot and problems can show the same symptoms for any number of reasons. Where I live it cost $15 well worth the cost it saves all the guess work out and is well worth the cost. Your farm extension is there to help not just farmers but anyone who needs advice. If you grow in the soil get it tested the learning experience is well worth $15 and the time and guess work is minimized.Unnecessary additives to soil can also cause setbacks and in most cases very difficult to undo . If I limed a flower bed of lime intolerant plants it would be years before they would grow there again. PS Peppers love Lime and it would be hard to overdo it.

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A cheap PH meter and some distilled water will tell you a lot too...

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