P. Quadrangularis

ashes_growSeptember 6, 2008

Hello! I am new in this forum, and have a question for anyone who might know. I have some recently sprouted little P. Quadrangularis vines, they are only about 10 inches high, and they were doing great. They were in my south facing window, and they were green and strong, growing towards the light very quickly. Then, the leaves started getting yellowish and shribbly and the started drooping over and wilting. There are still a few that are ok, and the ones that aren't do have some little leaves starting that look ok. What did I do to them to cause this, and how should I fix it!

Also, I am new to this, and if have a Cearulea and another purple-ish one that I'm not sure what kind it is. If anyone has any tips that might help me keep them alive, it would be very much appreciated! And also any cuttings of anything else!! I will send you cuttings of mine, although I may need some advice as how to properly cut you one! Thanks so much : )

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Do you think that maybe your quadrangularis seedlings were getting too much water? Once my passie seedlings start putting on some growth I allow them to dry between waterings. Maybe you could post a photo of your passies. It would also help if we knew what zone you are in. There's several people here that are quite knowledgeable when it comes to passies but I'm not one of them. lol

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Thank you Karyn, I live in indiana, so I am not really sure what zone that is, 5 i think? I think you could be right, because when they started drooping I thought I should water them, because maybe they needed it. They got worse after that, so I think I may have given them too much. To make matters worse I replanted them, because the roots were growing out the bottom of the little pot. Then I watered a little after that. I am probably drowning them. How do I dry them out before they die!?

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You are probably in 5. If it's warm and sunny I'd put them outside during the daytime and in at night. Not because of the evening temp but to keep condensation from making it even wetter though they will need to be inside when the temps really start dropping. If the soil doesn't start dying out soon then you might need to repot again in a well draining mix but repotting is stressful and you want to avoid that if possible.

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Thank you for all your advice. They haven't been getting any worse. But they don't seem to be getting any better. I have them outside. It isn't warm and sunny, probably about 70 degrees. It is beginning to get a lot more fall like, kind of chilly and crisp. Should I bring in my passies. I have 2 bigger ones that have been outside, they are in giant 15lb pots. Do you know when I should bring them in? Some of the days are still pretty warm, its off and on! and I don't want to kill them by leaving them out if they cant withstand the chill. Thanks!

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The caerulea is hardy and can take the cold though I don't think it's hardy enough for zone 5. You can leave that one outside for quite a while. I'd move the quadrangularis in when nighttime temps hit the low 50's and I have no idea what your purple one is but would probably move it with the quad to be on the safe side. Good luck.

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thanks for all your advice Karyn, the quads seem to be stabilizing. One of the little sprouts did wither at the base of the stem and fell over, even though it did still have healthy looking leaves, but the rest seem to be doing much better, or at least not worse, and they have dried out a lot more. I have begun moving them inside at night. The rest are doing well! again, thank you!

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