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andyandy(6bMI)March 12, 2013

Bronxboy inspired me. I have a 3 gallon Trachy on the way. I had one about 5 years ago. it made it in the ground the first winter but not the 2nd. I will keep this potted indefinately. Seems to me that givben they like 60-70 better than mid 80s and up they should show active growth year round if given sun in the winter. I'll post a picture after i get it and pot it up

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Did you buy it online? if so, who do you buy from?

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They do show variability so you may have more luck with the new one. What surprised me this year is how some of mine got blasted and others were fine. The difference? The ones with the problems had more winter sun and wind. The ones that were fine had more wind protection and were slightly more shaded--by a big, deciduous, Japanese Maple. If I could only grow ONE palm, it would be this one. I really prefer the cold tolerant palms (Phoenix, Sabals, Needles, etc.). Good luck with it! They grow fine in containers.

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I remember once a long time before I got into growing cold hardy palms myself and just had an interest in palms in general, I'm pretty sure we got 2 trachys and they died really early in the fall! Now my trachys are hard as rock and even my trachy without protection doesn't get damage anymore. They definitely show more cold tolerance with age and some are more cold hardy than others. I left my potted trachy seedling outside and it got spear pull (it was pretty small), but the smallest spear is still holding on tight so it might survive. They are strong plants!
Good luck on your new Trachy purchase, post some pics when you get it planted!

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When i first tried a Trach in the ground i know i didn't protect it enough. I'm not so concerned about killing another one as I'm much more experinced now. I just think i can get it to grow faster in a pot. If I had one already it would be taking off right now because it loves sun and mid-high 60s. If It were in the ground and in ggod shape it would still be weeks before I saw any growth. Some day i may put it in the ground but for now i want to get it as big as possible as fast as possible. I'll post a picture when i get it. I'm wondering if i should have waited until next Monday to order it. O fear it being stuck in a box over the weekend.

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I have a trachy, I have several potted palms, i'll post pics if I can. My trachy and European Fan Palm are growing in the house by leaps and bounds! Oh, and so is my 12, 13 foot queen palm.
I am in the market for some good palm fertilizer for potted palms, but have bought Sunniland in the past and it did fine. Any thoughts?

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