Ground or Pots?

gardenlove(z5-6)May 2, 2005

I have a bunch of Peony roots coming to me soon and I need a plan better for what I will do with them once they get here!...I know where I want to put most of them, but am wondering if they would be better off being grown out in pots until Fall for planting in the ground?...or if they can just go right into the ground right now?...I have several peonies that I bought already potted and getting ready to bloom at a local nursery, but the others I have coming are bareroot. I read on the web that fall is the time to plant Peonies(and I assume this is if you want to try for blooms in the spring- that way they have time to get established by then)...but whats the difference if you plant bareroots in the spring instead? just means that you may need to wait for the following spring to get blooms.....and I wait to plant in the fall, it would be the same wait...I am just wondering if it really matters and how care of the plants may differ between spring or fall planting times. If I put them in pots, how long should they stay in pots before being transplanted into the ground?..until fall?..or can they stay in a pot for a shorter period of time and still be safely transplanted sometime later this spring or even in the summer?...Thank you! GardenLove

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goodhors(z5 MI)

I put the newly purchased bareroot Peonies in pots because the new bed is not ready yet. They were already sprouting, there was no holding them back. I have got the potted roots out in my shed. Still is cold, but no snow on them or the piercing wind to dry them out. I will be putting the pots back outside for sunshine as soon as the temps are warmer in daytimes, in the higher 40F's. My older Peonies are coming up, about 6-8 inches high in the garden beds. I will be planting these new bareroot plants as soon as the new garden bed is ready, could be soon or late. With the continued rain of spring last year, the potted perrenials didn't get placed until mid-June. Did fine, did NOT drown in mud of beds.
Our good nursery keeps their Peony plants in pots to sell, so I figured it was the best method to use. If you have workable dirt, not so wet dirt packs, places ready, I would plant directly into the garden dirt. Saves you having to handle again, chance breaking something, also saves time.

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