Do passion Vines grow wild?

tglovell(z6KY)September 12, 2007

About a month ago I was at my sister's and I saw a passion vine blooming by her garage, she's not into flowers very much so this surprised me, when I ask her when had she gotten a passion vine she said, "those things are all over the place, I didn't plant any of them, sure enough I got to looking and she had them coming up in four or five different places, of course I helped myself to them, dug up the root ball as best I could, took it home, kept it watered good and now it is about a foot tall and doing fine. My sister said she had first noticed them coming up along a creek bank that runs behind their house and had thought what a pretty bloom but had not brought any to the house, so birds must have carried the seeds, but I didn't know they just grew wild. Any one know?

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

Passiflora incarnata grows wild all over the southeastern United States - Kentucky is probably along the northern limits, I'm not sure. It spreads underground by runners, and if you plant some, it'll eventually grow everywhere but where you planted it, so I hope you planted it in a spot where it can spread. The flowers vary somewhat on the same vines and a good bit from place to place - here's a picture of a flower I took from a vine I started from a rooted cutting of the local p. incarnata/maypops -


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