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lisakeel1(7a)June 22, 2011

I'm not sure what this is. There are a lot of them on the fence post around my veggie garden. Good or bad?



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bagworms?? The ones I've seen always had a "house" that looked like the cedar tree they were eating. What kind of trees do you have around that area???


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That sure doesn't look like the bagworms I've ever seen. They are really cool, though.

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There's a sycamore tree right next to the garden. These are all over it and the fence post under the tree. They wrap the leaves around themselves and drag them with them, when they move.
There is another photo of them in the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: what is this

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Not sure if this is it, but it looks a lot like it. Its a bagworm in this pic.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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lizgyrl - THAT'S IT!!! That's what I remember!

I think one of the traits of this insect is that it takes on the leaves of the plant it digests. Since Sycamore's have such a high sap like cedar...maybe it displays the same traits? And since you have one in such close proximity to your garden (plz forgive my spelling if it's off)...maybe it's the same wolf in a sheep's coat?! I did a google search and they don't just infest cedars...although that's their tree-of-choice here. I found they even infest mulberry I think most probably - this is your culprit.

Hopefully - some of our Master Gardeners will come along and contribute their knowledge and expertise. Either way - I'm so sorry. These critters often call for strong chemicals and many manual hours to rid your landscape of them. And my vote is you should...and I feel so strong that if you need help, I'm relatively close so just call. Squising these might be a really good stress reliever for me! LOL!


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Ew, I think these are what is colonizing my crabapple too. They don't appear to be stressing out the little tree too much, but I should probably do something about them.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

I"m linking last year's OSU bulletin on Bagworm Control.

They are rare here at our house, and I think that's likely because our beneficial insects control them for us. We had a lot of them here when we first bought the house, but haven't seen any the last few years.

As far as I know, Bt is effective when they're not in the bags. Spinosad should be effective at the same stage too although I haven't tried it. Once they are in the bags, all you can do is cut the bags off the tree and burn them. That's what we did in Texas when I was a kid. Once they are in the bags, the bags protect them from chemicals.

Here is a link that might be useful: OSU Bulletin on Pest Control

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You need kids who want money. Pay them something reasonable--depending on how many you have--for each one picked. Years ago I used to pay my kids only 1 penny for each grasshopper they picked off the asparagus plants. It is amazing how fast they could fill a gallon milk jug, counting them as they pushed them in. Then they shook them out into the chicken pen. You might have to just put on the lid and throw the whole thing away.

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Thank you everyone for all the info.
Paula, thanks, but I think there are to many to pick by hand. The tree is kinda tall. They are just all over the place along with the grasshoppers. I guess it's just a bad pest year. I think I'll just pick what I can and hope for the best.
I do have to add, on a lighter note, that my calla lilies made it this year and so far they're doing great. Some of the flowers in the front bed are still ok, and lots of humming birds. So it's not all bad, just a little frustrating.

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Mulberry, you hit it on the head with the piecework. My kids will do lots of things for a penny per piece (weeds, nail, berries, cardboard), but turn up their nose at hourly wages. When they figure out hourly is a better deal, I'll go broke.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

The OSU site was very informative to me. I have totally neglected my 11 Knock Out roses. They have bloomed and thrived, so I let them go while I concentrated on "more important" plants.

Yesterday when I began to work on my huge Knock Out display, I found many many bagworms. Yuck!!!

Fortunately, even though the Knock Out roses were pretty and healthy at the top, I knew that at the level of about 2 feet, they would have brown pith, and not be at all healthy. Therefore, I cut them back and have gotten rid of the bagworms.

Since I do not want to use "chemicals", I am considering using Wilt Pruf. This product is now officially recommended for roses, and I wonder if it would stop the progression of the caterpillars that are in bags.


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