Passiflora Disease?

joshv21(NY Zone 5)September 11, 2013

Hey everyone!

So I recently got a rooted cutting of a Lady Margaret and at first it was growing great. But after a few weeks the leaves started getting small white/yellowish spots all over the top of the leaves. The new leaves that grow don't have the spots but after a few days the spots start appearing. The main vine ended up dying but a side vine was able to sprout up and is still growing slowly.
Now my questions are: 1.) Does anyone know if this is a disease, bacterial or viral? 2.) Is there any hope for saving my plant and getting rid of this problem?
Thank you for your help. -Josh

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Look for tiny red (or sometimes brown) creepy, crawly guys on the underside of the leaves--a magnifying glass helps. To the unaided eye they will probably just look like a few tiny specks (perhaps very few). These are spider mites. The easiest way to treat something this small is to spray the underside with a forceful spray of water. Often a handheld sprayer adjusted right is enough. Repeat every few days until they they seem to be gone and isolate them from other infected plants.

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joshv21(NY Zone 5)

Thank you very much Mark. I've been doing as you said and it looks like the little buggers are going away! Hopefully my Lady Margaret will start to recover now :)

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