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morugamanJanuary 30, 2014

I have a question about cold soil temps. My peppers have been in a box in my basement for 3 months and my basement is about 55 degrees. The air temp wasn't that cold but I know that the cement under the wood was very cold causing my soil temps to be a bit cold as well. Most my plants have been growing very slow and I'm assuming my plants growth has been stunned. If I put them in a warmer environment can they spring back to normal growing?

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Try to keep your soil temp as close to 80 degrees as possible.
Get a sheet of 3/4" foil covered insulation and cut pieces out and set your plants on that IF you don't have room to elevate them off the floor.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I think the plants grow slowly in cooler air and soil and it is not necessarily a stunt case. We know that tomatoes can grow in cooler spring weather at temperatures down to 40F. Pepper, depending on the variety, might be better off with a bit higher temperatures.

Basement ground temperature, depending on depth and geology of the location, can have at a temperature in the range of 50F to 60F all year round. The concrete floor might feel cooler to touch but it should be the same if was natural ground.. Unless you keep your basement heated, there shouldn't be any heat loss to the ground but actually ground should be warmer than the air.

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I live in Minnesota and it has been in the negatives a lot or just low digits.

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There is a point in growth where they seem to stall for awhile. But yes, it does seem a bit too cool. Try to keep them in the 70's, high 60's at the least.

I have found that the heat generated from the shoplights keeps them warm enough as long as the ambient temps are too low.

I would prop them up off of the cold concrete.


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Thanks guys. I sacrificed my closet upstairs and it stays above 70 in here.

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