Peony Tree ID

kek19May 14, 2007

Hi, remember me? I was wondering a while ago how to propagate from my mother's peony tree. I found a small branch that had its own roots growing and dug it up. Well that seems to be still alive, wilted over, but yet alive. Anyways, someone was curious as to what kind it was, we have no idea, but it's in bloom now so here a some pics. This tree is about 25 yrs old, and my father is one of those guys that gets over zealous w/ cutting things down, so this tree had been cut down to nothing almost every year, but it survives on. It's hard to tell the size by the pic, it stands past my chest, so 4.5'-5' high. The color w/ my dig cam, is slightly off too. Its a true magenta color. (I think this cam gives it an untrue purple hue) Being as old as it is, it's probally a very common peony tree. So ID should hopefully be easy.

Here's a close up of a blossum, the center is yellowish orange.

Just for fun, here's a bud just blossoming

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no takers? not even a guess?

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I thought I'd bump this back up in case someone decides to look again.

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OK, I'll take a guess. Could be Fugi Masumi, Shima Daijin, or Gunpoden. 25 years isn't old for a tree peony. There are some here in Dodge City that are over twice that old. If your father is determined to cut it down, tell him a speciman tree peony is worth a lot of money. All they need is to have the old wood removed.

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I don't know what type it is but it sure is beautiful! What color!

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I couldnt find anything on the internet for Fugi Masumi to compare. Shima Daijin looks very similar, but is described as a dark red. This one definanly has a pink/purple hue, or just plain magenta as I call it. Granted it's no where near as purple as my camera shows it. I found Gunpoden, but I don't think it quite looks like that. But on that page was all peony trees the right color, and the closest shape of the bloom is shunkoden. I'll probally never find out exactly what it is.

Oh, and btw, my dad is cutting it down to get rid of it, he just doesnt know how to prune. We cringe everytime he goes out w/ the pruner. He'll cut EVERYTHING down. This spring, he took it to their gorgeous weeping cherry tree, he was convinced it's too big for a weeping cherry tree (he can be and idiot at times, oh, and alcohol is involved here) and butchered that beautiful tree! It barely bloomed and looks all scrawny and deformed now. I hope it recovers. (That was about 10-15yrs old)

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