Spear Pull

chicago_palmMarch 18, 2014

My Trachycarpus fortune has spear pull. How long do you wait to see whether it recovers by itself or get the saw and search for live tissue? Thanks

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Never had a trachy pull, but I've read that you really need to wait until July. All other palms I've had either died, or started to regrow late into the heat of summer. Even then it was slow recovery. Did the whole crown pull or just the spear? If the whole crown pulled, many have had success with trunk cutting. Jim Hardy has posted on this a bunch before.

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If your gonna be above freezing I would go ahead and pour some peroxide into the bud. If your still having cold temps wait and keep the palm dry. Once you get above 70F I would apply peroxide.

As for trunk cutting, if you do not know how to properly cut the palm you can kill it. If you get the saw out cut a little at a time.

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