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jbogartSeptember 27, 2009

Hello I am hoping that someone may be able to identify a Passiflor aspecies for me.

I live and work in Honduras, I am familiar with P. edulis and P. alata (rind is used to make a preserve here) But I have recently found a species that seems to be native. I have three times found it in a wild state, the flower is similar to P. edulis but a bit smaller, the fruit which is the size of a ping pong ball is covvered iwtha leaf much like a tomatillo or ochuva. I have been searching for a species name with no luck, anyone have an idea?

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Not that I am familiar with what specific Passifloras grow in your area, but my initial guess would be Passiflora foetida. Look it up, and see what you think. Also, a picture would help greatly. Post it if you can.


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