Cutting a variety of Passiflora in FL???

passionlove(z 9 FL)October 24, 2008

Well here is my delema. I am in zone 9, and I know that a lot of my passies will do fine through the winter, but since I am trying to keep them controlled, would it be wise to cut them back? I have a small yard and porch, and since the vines flower on new growth, I really need to get them back down in size. Some of my passies I know will do fine after cutting, but some of my new varieties I am unsure about. The ones I am really concerned about are: Passiflora Reflexiflora, Sunburst, Alata and Exoniensis. Has anyone had bad luck cutting any of these? Anyone have bad luck with cutting down other varieties? I know some Passies are more finicky. Thanks in advance!

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Sunburst and Alata will do fine if cut back. My Sunburst puts out new growth fast and will bloom early on but my Alata takes an awful long time to flower. Since my season is fairly short I only cut my alata back enough to get it into the greenhouse over the winter but you have a much longer growing season then me. I've never grown the other two varieties.

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I am in the same boat as you here in Zone 9B not knowing if I should cut back to get them under control or leave as is so the plant can keep itself warm. I am most likely going to trim back to several feet. I have violacea, lady margaret, lavendar lady, cerulea, bilotti, and trilobo.

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