Passion Winterizing

bubbascooterOctober 24, 2006

Hi...Back in early spring, I was given 4 passion flower plants in one pot. I planted them togerther next to a tall palm tree and the vines have "taken off". The tree is completely covered with the vines and the flowers are beatiful. My question is now that it is getting cold, (Middle 40's tonight) do they need to be cut back, mulched over real good and thorough, fertalized, etc. OR should I cut everything back and try to easily/delicatly bring them inside for the winter? At this point, I am at a complete loss as to my next move and I sure do not want to loose them. PLEASE HELP if you can...Thanks Bubbascooter

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Not sure where you live, but I live in northern TX... My passionflower plants are still in bloom. They die back and all I do is cut down the vines when they dry out(some climbing my tree & most that have covered several trellises). They come back every year and show up even in the middle of my grassy yard! I do not mulch or do anything at all but let it die back.

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