Passiflora 'Raspberries and Cream' ?? A P. gritensis hybrid

mark4321_gwOctober 11, 2012

I just bought what is clearly a Passiflora gritensis hybrid. It was labeled Passiflora 'Raspberries and Cream' and I just assumed I would look it up when I got home. However, I am finding very little record of it, other than one photo. I'm curious what the parentage is. It looks to me a lot like Passiflora 'Anastasia' (P. gritensis x P. caerulea 'Constance Eliott'). It also looks a lot like P. 'Pink Festival', however the length of the peduncles is consistent with P. 'Anastasia', not P. 'Pink Festival'. I would not be surprised if it could be something other than those two.

Passiflora gritensis is one of my favorites, and it is a difficult species. There are hybrids that are very similar to P. gritensis but are easier growers.

I started 3 cuttings and will start more when the plant grows a little. I'll send the first one that roots, for postage, to whomever can provide the correct ID, assuming they are interested. It's possible this has been discussed on the Facebook Passiflora group, which I don't have access to as a nonmember.

I don't have a picture of a flower, and I'll link to one I found on the web at the bottom. There were plants in bloom, but those were in 5 gallon pots for $30 or so. I got a 1 gallon plant for $11. It is previously bloomed, and looks like it is about to grow like crazy. It has at least 10 growing points.

Here's the plant:

Here's a closeup of a peduncle. All of the penduncles are about 4 inches long. I've seen a P. gritensis flower with a foot long peduncle. P. 'Pink Festival' penducles are listed at 7-10 inches.

And here's the tag. I got it at a nursery called The Garden Company, in Santa Cruz, CA.

Here is a link that might be useful: A photo I found online of Passiflora 'Raspberries and Cream'

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You might be better off posting this on the Facebook passiflora group.

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Well, Randy - it's a pretty one!

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I remembered I never followed up on this one. I found out, with the help of several people, that the cross was made by Roland Fischer and is P. subpeltata x P. gritensis. Seeds from the same fruit gave the hybrid 'Pink Nightmare', which is grown in Europe. Seeds were given to Mark Cooper, who raised the hybrid 'Raspberries and Cream'.

The plant grew well for me. However, it tends to wilt in the hot afternoon sun. It is not clear to me whether the plant is somewhat of a cool grower (reflecting the P. gritensis parent) or whether it needs more water than I provide it...

A flower just opening:

Open flowers:

Cuttings root easily in water. I didn't write down the date, but this is after about 2 weeks or so:

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This plant struggled to hold its own this summer, it certainly does not like our summer, but it did not give up. Hope to see it start to thrive now our afternoons dip below the 90's.

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Just love that pink! Wow, so pretty.
How do you get them to root in water??? I have cuttings of a red and I've tried couple of times to root them but without success.

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I made 2-3 node cuttings, cut about 1/4 inch below the bottom node, removed the lower leaf or two, and stuck the cuttings in a glass of water. I kept them inside within a foot or two of a compact fluorescent bulb.

Some Passiflora species and hybrids are incredibly easy to root this way, some are impossible. On the Facebook Passiflora group (Myles Irvine's group) I started a discussion on this as to what is easy, what is not. Unfortunately I can't link to the post--it's a "closed" group. One has to join the group to see the content.

Here is a link that might be useful: Facebook Passiflora group

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Anyone interested in (all) of these for postage? I had assembled them for someone, who then vanished.

1) Passiflora sanguinolenta

2) Passiflora 'Raspberries and Cream'

3) Passiflora 'Preciosa' (P. macrocarpa x P. alata, I think)

4) P. edulis f. edulis seedlings

5) P. caerulea

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I am. Specialy the rasberry and cream one.

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