transplanting peonies

joliecat3May 11, 2006

I recently transplanted a bush from one side of my yard to the other. The bush had several unopened buds. Now, a week later, the bush seems to be fine but the buds are drooping very low. Would it be better for the plant to cut off the buds or to leave them alone?

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I would probuably cut the buds off so it won't stress it out more, you are suppose to transplant peonies in the fall, so it's probuably pretty unhappy.

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I have a young peony. (a year old)I want to transplant it now. Any good ideas?

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Wait until the fall. ;-D

Joliecat, personally I wouldn't cut off the buds now. Maybe give them some support. Chances are they won't open this year from the stress of moving.

Peonies are always worth the wait!

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mulchlady107(6 / 7)

Oooh...we want to expand our patio and I need to move two peonies! Not what I wanted to hear. If I move them after they bloom, will they just be very unhappy, or will they just croak? I am new at this...and my husband is very antsy about the deck expansion!

Thanks for your help.


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Hello - I live in Colorado and have to transplant two mature peony plants. My neighbor who owned them has moved away and they will be demolishing her house within the next 2 weeks. If I cannot transplant/save them they will be plowed away by a bulldozer. They are gorgeous - over 3 feet tall with tons of huge blooms that have not yet opened. What is the best way to transplant them? I know this is not the ideal time of year but it's do or die.

Thanks for any help you can provide!


Jill Weisbrod

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

Moving plants in the summer heat is not good, because although you move a large root mass most of the tiny feeder roots, so amall you do not even see them are lost. The foliage is transpiring a large amount of moisture into the air that cannot be replaced. The plant is trying to grow new feeder roots desperately needed. The plant is stressed and can be expected to drop any buds due to open. Try to provide some temporary shade and use a folliar feeding routine for a couple of weeks. Al

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Well, since these are EMERGENCY moves...I'll share with you how I moved my peonies last Spring while they were in bud during my own emergency.

This is the advice a professional gardening friend gave me:

Soak the peonies; dig big root ball - packing the dirt toward the plant center with shovel as you dig. Put into large pot or burlap. Replant as soon as possible. Put compost into the new hole. (prep the new area as early as possible with compost) Water well. She also recommended shading the plants during midday for awhile after the transplant.

I moved 3 budding peonies at the end of May last year, and the two older plants came to full bloom in June!! It perked me right up!

Check other threads about planting depth.

Good luck to you all.

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Cybersunday(z5 ca)

I had to move a few peonies this spring and so far so good, they will bloom. When it s an emergency, no sense to wait till fll

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Good luck to everyone whose doing transplants !

I live in a part of OR where there's seldom a deep frost, and rarely any frost at all before Nov. Often it's nearly December before the peony leaves have acutally browned and died. My question is, can I relocate a plant before all the leaves brown w/o worrying ? I have one non-blooming herbacious clump, very healthy, but not blooming because of shady conditions (I think). I have wanted to relocate it to a sunnier spot for several years, but never get around to it because by the time the leaves are dead in Nov/Dec, the weather is so wet and foul that I don't want to be outside for two hours risking my health. :D

What say you all ? Is it safe to move the plant in September or October, while the weather is still faily nice and the leaves still have some green in them ?

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Cut the leaves and stems of herbaceous off to send plant into dormancy in September.

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maifleur, do you cut them off immediately before digging and transplanting, or what ?


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Cut them off at start of September. I would wait a couple of weeks before digging. Depending on where you are at in Oregon you might go visit some of the local growers to get ideas. I warn you if you go in spring leave your checkbook at home.

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laurano(z5 IL)

We moved many times and each time I brought peonies with me which had been passed down from my mother-in-law. They thrived beautifully and I paid no attention to time transplanted or gave special care. This was in good rich Illinois soil. At our present location it might be a different story (clay). But I would still transplant if needed, and when needed, o/w you loose the plant. Good luck to all transplanters.

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We just bought a house that has 2 peony plants behind a bunch of shrubs so they aren't getting enough light. We want to move them and they'll only be out of the ground 10 minute you think it will hurt them?

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Water them well first (the day before, the morning of) before digging out. Put compost/organic matter in new hole. Don't plant deeply. Keep them shaded and watered while they adjust to their new home. May not bloom this year, but probably will be much happier than behind the shrubs.

But if you can wait until the fall, it would be much better for the plant.

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maifleur wrote:

"...I warn you if you go in spring leave your checkbook at home..."

Well, I wanted to visit Caprice Nurseries this year, but decided against it until I find a regular job again... ;)

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