New passiflora species ID Needed- pics

siam_cannas(13)October 28, 2010

Hi all, i found this passiflora, hope someone can ID it. The fruits change from green to deep maroon as they age.

here are some pics.


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Siam you are so lucky to be able to take a walk and find new passies. I have no idea what it is but it looks like another type of decaloba. It seems like a lot of them have those spots to mimic eggs.

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did you see its flower? Could it be a p. biflora? The flowers are in pairs ;)

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Hi Siam,

P. biflora does have flowers in pairs, as this also has fruits in pairs in some places, so I can see the assumption. However, the fruits are not quite the right shape in my opinion. Granted, biflora is quite variable, but I think this could be something different.

Perhaps bogotensis? That would be great...

Sorry I cannot be more help. Good luck!

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I agree with Eric about the shape of the fruit being different then P. biflora. I have P. bogotensis but haven't seen any flowers, much less fruit on it yet.

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I don't think it is P. bogotensis. Mine is loaded with fruit right now and it looks different. I'll try to get a photo in the next couple of days.

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Hi Folks
Def not P. bogotensis. Flower pics are always useful and a ruler against the fruit would help too. The fruit look quite distinct but I don't know what the plant is.

Here is a link that might be useful: Passiflora bogotensis

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