Pumpkins, squash and watermelon...oh my!

okieladybugJune 22, 2011

Using the seeds from the swap, my friend and I planted a community garden of sorts at her house (her yard gets more sun than mine.) In the very early spring, she had volunteer pumpkin vines spring up from last year's compost. She also planted cantaloupe, watermelon, cucumber and a few types of squash. Now the vines are completely taking over (I was afraid of that!) To top it off, we can no longer tell what is what. She picked something today that she thought was a small watermelon, but we think it's an underripe pumpkin. Any advice? Should we cut back the vines? If so, how much do we trim?

I also heard that you can eat squash blossoms, but if I pull the blossoms off, will we get any fruit? I apologize if these are stupid questions...we are both new to this and want to get the best harvest we can! Thanks!!! :)

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First you must submit to your squash OVER LORDS !!!Second learn to tell male from female. Males are usally earlier, females have a bulge or base that you can see as an immature fruit.Unless you have a lot of plants pulling male blossoms to eat is risky.

Squashes have larger flowers than cucs and melons.

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