Blooms Staying Open for 3 -5 Days

Mystyspassion(Z6 NJ)October 30, 2005

Hi; I live on the East Coast; NJ to be exact. Anyway since it's been getting chilly; all my plants seem have been thriving since Sept. building up for the Winter I suppose. Anyway I have 3 Amethyst's 2 in pot's and 1 in the Ground. The one in the Ground is right next to a Bay Window in my Back Yard and my Computer is set up next to the Bay Window. Anyway I noticed New Blooms Opening on my Amethyst. The Next day I saw they were still Open and they didn't look like they were Closing. I was amazed it lasted longer than 24 hrs. So I went out to Examine the Flower and I put a Tiny Black Marker Dot under 1 Petal. For 3 Consecutive Days it stayed open and I checked for the Dot because I was amazed. I know there are only a few Passi's that the Blooms stay open for more than 1 day. But the Amethyst' isn't one of them. I think it has to do with the Colder Weather. HAs this happened to anyone else. Would love to hear about it. All of my Passi's are doing great they are all still blooming, the Alata & Margaret won't stop. Also I have a Citrina that started to grow rapidly once Sept Came & a Kewensis that still hasn't bloomed but started growing more rapidly once Sept Came. Both were very small when I got them in July and they seem to grow very slow and they seem to go thru growing spurts, where they grow about 6" or so then stop and then start again weeks later.

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Totally normal for the whole open/close process to slow down as the days shorten. Probably due to a combination of daylight hours and lower temps. Also many flowers including Amethyst will become paler in winter.
Many Passiflora seem to like the Autumn, they have totally recovered from the previous winter and for some the summer can be too hot for flowering. Others will only flower spring & Autumn anyway.

Here is a link that might be useful: P. 'Amethyst' in winter.

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