Passiflora foetida flowers but no fruit!

passiflorapond(9B)October 24, 2010

How can I get my single foetida to set fruit? There are many flowers, and plenty of carpenter bees that pollinate, but they always wilt and fall off. Can anyone help please?

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I don't know if there are different foetidas but mine sets fruit with viable seed without any help from me. It's one of my few passies that do it. Have you tried hand pollinating it?

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Mine Sets With or Without My Help.... Mine is inside on a Windowsill....

Mine Last Year...

Hope That Helps a bit....

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Lol, I know yours does. I read your posts and am sooo jealous! You even have the color of flower I want, pink. Argh! :)

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Maybe The Answer is NOT to fuss with it too much.... Mine Gets watered when I remmber and I use a Banana Peel in the pot for Food...

Just a Few Thoughts...

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