Can I over winter my vines??

lucidityOctober 16, 2006

Hi all,

I purchased a passiflora (I think the common one with blue) this Spring and planted in quite a huge pot. It has done beautifully and cover the 4 ft trellis I set in the pot. I am wondering if I can save this beauty in my cold Canadian climate. I can bring into the garage, or up again a south facing light wall, wrap in in burlap etc. I would really love to save it for next year along with a mandevilla that is in another pot.

Any suggestions??

Thank you very much!

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Just a small note I forgot to add...My plants are still outside on the deck and our temps have dropped to 4 Celcius over night with frost already. It took out my moonflower and heliotrope but the vines are both still doing okay, flowering stopped a few weeks ago but the mandevilla is still blooming. Makes me hope!

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I have no idea what varieties might be hardy in your zone, though no passiflora can be above ground in a pot over the winter where you have below freezing temps. Some varieties if planted in the ground will come back from the roots. I cut my container vines way back and grow them like houseplants over the winter, either in a heated greenhouse or in my house. They look pretty shabby by the end of November but they come back when they go back outside in the spring.

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