Increase # of blooms on peony?

ebalcarMay 19, 2012

I have a beautiful peony that was plated by the previous home owner in our front yard. The first year we have 5 blooms, the past 2 years we have only had 3 blooms. The greenery is full and healthy. The plant is not too deep, I checked this spring. It is in full sun. I do cut the flowers to bring it (how could I not!). Do I maybe need to fertilize? lime? or is it time to divide? Thanks so much!!

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If you live in an overly dry climate, occasional irrigation will help.

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By looking at your page I note your location is Canada. While we tend to think of Canada as being uniformly cold, the pacific coast is not. A peony that was planted high enough can now be too deep to bloom well. If it was mine I would dig it up this fall and replant it higher. Al

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Smivies: re manure. Would you just put that on top or dig it in. I'm assuming well rotted, right? My peonies aren't doing well this year either. One "Buckeye" something, single red with yellow center, has TWO flowers on it, and one dried up. Not acceptable!!! Its been there for probably 20 years. Thanks in advance.

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

In central Alberta and so far I can see that the peonies are not doing well this year. We had very little moisture since last July. I know the weather has been rather odd all accross Canada. Perhaps in need of water and fertilizer. I have nothing blooming on any of my early bloomers yet.


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Just use it as a top dressing...worms and rain will do the rest.

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