Bloom'n Early

gatrafficMarch 15, 2012

We have not had any real winter this year, so there off to the races.

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They look great and this is definitely perfect weather for them to start blooming. Its been a mild winter and a warm spring and your palms are definitely taking advantage of that! Yours are a really nice size. I cant wait for mine to get that big sometime in the distant future!
Thanks for sharing!

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

Hey gatraffic,
Those palms have really grown since you posted your last pictures of them.Looks like they might start producing seeds in a few years.The one in the back of the second pic.looks bigger than those too.What are you using to get such rapid growth?How's your big Needle palm doing?How did the Windmill palms you got cheap end up doing?You posted a pic.last year of them.You said something to the affect that the place you got them from was going to throw them in the dumpster,so you got them real cheap if I remember correctly.Anyhow your palms look great.

I'm growing 200 T.fortunei x wagnerianus from seeds this year.I also have 100 Sabal Louisiana seeds that have already started to come up :)

Your not joking about not having much of a winter.It was *84 here today.This was the first winter I left all my potted palms outside all winter,even my Phoenix sylvestris with no damages.

I hope everything is well with you and you wife.

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Randy: Unfortunately the cheapies died, I have found that the needles realy don't grow much and one of my very large needles had a major spear pull last fall. I have about 5 of them around. The windmill in front of my door is now about 8' and still growing. I planted a couple little ones 2 years ago purchased from HD and they too have taken off. All the windmills are over 6' and it's interesting that coming from different vendors, HD, Loews, Pikes, that some grow taller while some grow in the girth, about 4 of them produce flowers.

The bananas [basjoos] have also started growing again, I just cut them down to ground level and put some 5 gallon buckets over them for winter. See ya!

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