How much sun does a tree peony need?

juliet11(z7 MD)May 2, 2010

I live in zone 7 Maryland and am trying to decide where to plant a tree peony. Is a spot on the northeast side of the house that gets morning sun (from about 8:30 a. m. to 1 p.m.) good?

Any other advice for growing tree peonies?



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In z5 Ohio, our tps grow very well along east side of house where they get full sun from morning to about 1 pm.

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Different tree peonies can take different amounts of sun. I find that where the temperatures can dip below zero in Feb/March the stems of tree peonies that face the sunrise need some protection from the sun at that time. Can be as little as a piece of cloth stretched in front or any other type of item to block the suns direct rays.

I do that because I have found that the sun hitting the stems causes the sap to start flowing. The back side of the tp is shaded by the stem and may not even thaw. The area where the cold meet the thawed sap can be damaged by this uneven heating.

Last fall I ran out of shaded areas for my tps. So I planted them in the open. Only one shows by heavy wilting of the leaves that it does not like the direct sun. The rest are showing no signs of distress.

As we receiving our normal 100F I will try to report as to how the plants are responding.

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juliet11(z7 MD)

Thank you both for your replies.

maifleur - how much sun do your tree peonies planted in shade get? Do you think mine would bloom o.k. with just morning sun until about 1 p.m.?

Thanks again.

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Probably. I have my tree peonies in anything from full shade to light shade. Most of the shade is provided by trees and bushes but I have some darker ones on the North side of the house where they receive sun but no direct rays.

Difficult to explain but if you are standing beside a tree and can look up directly to the sky, you are receiving sunlight but not direct sunlight. This is how I plant many of my tree peonies.

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They will be fine with morning sun. I also have TP growing with morning sun, dappled shade, full sun. All of them are healthy and bloom beautifully for me. It seems that some shade is even better than full sun because blooms fade too fast with sun if we have hot days here in MD.

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