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mark4321_gwOctober 22, 2009

I thought it would be worthwhile if people who read this forum would list some of their sources of plants and seeds.

I'll break these down into different posts for (1) Ebay (2) Online and (3) Retail. Of course there will be overlap.

Where possible, the names of the plant(s) purchased might be useful. If you have any experiences as to whether their plants are correctly ID'd that's a big concern, so please mention it.

I buy most things locally, so this will be long and detailed for me. I'll just list a few places I buy at and fill in the blanks later.

Strybing Arboretum (San Francisco Botanical Garden, Golden Gate Park). Monthly sales.

UC Botanical Garden--Berkeley

I've bought nice plants at the following and recommend them, but don't expect to find variety. At times they may have no or very little Passiflora.

Annie's Annuals (Richmond)

Yamagami's Nursery (Cupertino)

other good sources that I haven't bought from:

Roger Reynold's Nursery (Menlo Park)

Berkeley Horticultural Nursery

I've occassionally seen nice plants at Home Depot.

I'll give details later.

Here is a link that might be useful: Strybing Arboretum Plant Sales

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There's very few retail locations in this area that sell passion vines. Occasionally Home Depot or a local nursery will have some but they are usually common varieties like caerulea or incarnata. I did find an aurantia at HD but that was more the exception then the rule. Butterfly World in FL has some nice passies. They also have an online shop but the selection on site is much better. If you have a friend in CA that will pick up plants at Strybing that might be your best bet.

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To elaborate on what I wrote above:

Strybing Arboretum is the best place I know of in the bay area to find interesting Passiflora. They have a huge Spring sale, which I've never been to. However the regular monthly sales are pretty amazing. Among the plants I've bought--no doubt I'm forgetting a few: P. gritensis, P. parritae, P. loefgrenii, P. x exoniensis, P. exoniensis x parritae, P. parritae x antioquiensis ('Mission Dolores'), P. manicata. Also, the people working at the sale are true experts on Passiflora--some of the best. It's not to be missed. Oh, most plants are $15 for a 1 gallon, many in bloom or bud. P. parritae and P. gritensis were the most at $18.

I bought P. membranacea at UC Botanical Garden, $18 for 1 gallon. A friend bought P. pinnatistipula. Their plant shop is open every day the Garden is open, although they may not have as much variety. Their Spring/Fall sales have more variety, things such as P. parritae.

Annies Annuals: Often the only thing they have is P. sanguinolenta. I also bought P. 'Blue Horizon'. Last I was there they were selling P. loefgrenii x caerulea (possibly the reverse)and 'Constance Eliot' as well. Some of their more "choice" plants: P. exoniensis and P. membranacea are only available mail order for short periods of time. Prices vary and are cheaper at the nursery.

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I buy most of mine off line. The 2 Websites I have purchased from and like are Georgia Vines & GKExotics. Then there is a gentleman selling on ebay with an ebay store passiflorist, who has amazing vines.

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For online nurseries Grassy Knoll (GKExotics) has the best variety. Zone 9 Tropicals sells the biggest plants I've ever bought online but has a limited number of varieties. Kartuz has a decent selection. If you are anywhere near Rosenburg, TX Caldwell Nursery has wonderful plants. I just wish they still had an online shop.

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For those who are in the area, I was at Annie's Annuals in Richmond (north of Berkeley) yesterday and they had a surprisingly large variety of Passifloras for sale. Usually they only have a couple. They appear to be selling none online at the moment, though. Of course many of the ones they were selling didn't look like much because of the season, and a few (many/most of the P. exoniensis) had been damaged by the freeze. Annnie's is closed until after the New Year. I believe prices were pretty much all in the $7-$10 range for small plants in 4 inch pots.

Here's what I remember:

P. manicata
P. trisecta
P. x exoniensis
P. 'Blue Horizon'
P. sanguinolenta
P. caerulea 'Constance Eliot'
P. loefgrenii x caerulea

I guess that doesn't seem like that many, but prices are good, even though the plants are a bit dormant at the moment. Annie's is amazing--it's worth a trip.

I understand that Berkeley Horticultural Nursery (aka "Berkeley Hort") is a good source of Passiflora, but I haven't been there in years. The UC Botanical Garden in Berkeley is also a source (they have a plant shop open daily); I bought my P. membranacea there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Annie's Annuals and Perennials

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