yellowing leaves?

the_man_fernOctober 16, 2005

hello this is only my second post its good here isnt it:)

anyway i have two passionflowers growing under a special horticultural growlight and this spring summer and fall. I have had tonns of flowers on both almost continuously.

However recently i have noticed some yellowing between the veins, starting on one passionflower (lavender lady)and later on Lady margaret mostly on new growth.I have misted with epson salts and waited a week but no difference. can someone please help me i have researched and researched but cant pinpoint anything.

thank you in advace fpor any help



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oops here the picture :)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Have you given them any fertilizer? The yellow leaves would suggest they are starved for nitrogen or they are suffering from chlorosis. Chlorosis is usually caused by a deficiency in iron or manganese. This can be from a lack of the mineral or a pH too high or too low. Feeding them some compost tea would likely address all these issues.


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Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))

I'm having the same thing happen with 2 subrotunda I recently brought in.. The leaves are turning yellow & falling off. Almost all of the origional leaves have done it but several new branches have sprouted and are doing fine. Worried me there for a bit, but it looks like they both will survive.

I wonder if they were hit with too much cold before I moved them in, or if the change in light & humidity did it.. I really have no idea but they appear to be struggling along. Better to be inside & half dead than outside and all the way dead.

Someday I'll find a place to live where the temps are "nice" enough that I don't have to do the yearly inside / outside shuffle. I hear San Diego is nice.. BUt never having been there I don't know if it will agree with me.

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They just go into a sulk sometimes , when brought in for the winter and have to readjust to lower light , etc. Mine only seems to get chlorosis on the newest leaves , when regrowing from a heavy prunning usually. It always begins to lose many leaves after comming indoors for the winter, til it readjusts a bit, or worse without supplemental lighting it can keep losing leaves all winter quicker than the leaves are replaced. Some folks do keep them semi or completely dormant in the winter in a cool place that won't freeze however!!

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