Burn Bans

Okiedawn OK Zone 7June 28, 2011

The number of counties and/or cities with burn bans grows daily. I've linked the OFS list below. Oklahoma City just passed a burn ban today too but I am not sure if or how it will show up on the map if the counties that comprise OKC don't pass a ban.

Note that a few counties have timed their burn bans so they expire right before the fourth so that residents can enjoy fireworks and grilling on the fourth. I don't know what those counties will do after the fourth, but the plan in our county is to let the 7-day ban expire on the 3rd, allow everyone to enjoy the 4th, and then put a new 30-day ban in effect beginning on the fifth.

Please note that the linked list and map are of those counties who have officially notified OFS. If you think that your county has issued a county-wide ban but it isn't on the list, check with them because maybe OFS did not receive official notification from them.

Also, some cities have implemented burn bans even if their counties have not, so always double check with city or county officials if in doubt. The fines associated with violating a burn ban can be pretty steep and if your fire escapes and damages other persons' property, you can be held financially liable for the damage.

The burn bans are just one more sign of the times----we are so hot and so dry they truly are necessary and, like drought, it takes more than an inch or two of rain to turn the conditions around. So, even if you have had rainfall today, your burn ban isn't going to just go away tomorrow.


Here is a link that might be useful: Burn Ban List and Map

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