Windmill Palms and Pool

millers5285March 28, 2009

I recently planted 2 Windmill palms about 2 1/2 ft from my pool. The pool cement/gunite is 12" thick. Are these palms too close to the pool? Will the palm roots or rootball damage the pool? Also, as you can see I'm re0doing the landscape. What is a good ground cover or something else I could put down on the dirt besides mulch?

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Here is a pic of the palms and pool.

Here is a link that might be useful: Windmill Palm

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trachyhead(z8b SE England)

Miller, your trachies will be fine as the roots are not invasive and certainly would not cause your a problem bearing in mind the pool wall in 12" think.

What about laying some root membrane over the dirt and covering with pebbles? This would stop any crap getting into your pool.

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Thanks for the comments about the roots!! I'm trying to stay away from mulch and rocks/pebbles.....I have dogs and they run everywhere and the pebbles would be all over. Maybe some kind of ground cover...monkey grass???

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You're concrete will be fine. Palms are not actually trees and their roots will do no harm.

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There are quite a few sedum that flower most of the summer or Delosperma cooperi is a great one that flowers all summer,very beautiful g/cover,heres a pic of D.cooperi(ice plant) with a var-yucca.Or you can type in the name and searce images for some great pics!

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If that were my pool,,,I would place them exactly where you did,,,and I would plant one every 10 ft,,,Very nice and the palms will not harm the pool!!!Bill

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the palms are in a great location not too close to the pool and I would suggest pine needles for mulch looks great and has many added benefits.

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Looks good to me. My palms and bananas are very close to my pool as well. Not knowing what zone you are in, I'd say it could possibly be a benefit in the winter as well. Mine are near the deep end, right next to the patio, and in the deep end, it does not freeze very thick under the mesh winter cover. We only drain 2 feet of water in the fall, otherwise the pool is pretty full. Keeps it warmer near the roots for sure. (I'm in Minnesota) I agree with the other poster, plant a bunch of them around that pool! It will look great.

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