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schism(6)January 8, 2012

Well I finally have all my seeds..just a waiting game now. This year I have:


Trinidad Scorpion

Bhut Jolokia

7 Pot Chaguanas

Zapotec Jalapeno


Red Bell

Hungaian Super Hot

Sweet Banana

Red Devil's Tongue

Caribbean Red Habs

Looking forward to this year. I'll be starting 10-12 of each however I'll only need to grow 3-4 of each so the rest will go out to the public! I also have some seeds if anyone is interested..Inca Red Drop and a couple of different "wild" peppers.

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I would like to trade for some of your Inca Red Drop seeds.

I have
Bhut Jolokia
Aji Yellow
5 Color Marble

I can't find your e mail address on here, but mine is

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I think this is my final list....

C. Chinense
Pimenta de Neyda
Aji Limo Rojo
Paper Lantern
Billy Goat (habanero type)
Bahamanian Goat
Dominican Red Habanero
Peruvian White Habanero
PI 260595 (Chinense)
Mayan Red
Habanero de Arbol
7pot BrainStrain
7pot White
7pot Red
NMSU Bhut Jalokia
Yellow Fatalii
7pot Primo
Yellow Bhut Jolokia
Orange Hab
Tazmanian Hab
White Hab
Bhut Jolokia / Naga Morrich
Trinidad Scorpion Butch T
Trinidad Scorpion
Jamaican Chocolate Hab
Red Savina
Scotch Bonnet
7pot Douglah
T.S. Moruga Blend (brain strain?)
Trinidad Perfume
Chocolate Bhut Jolokia
Dorset Naga
Hinkelhatz (red)
Hot Lemon Hab
Red Congo Trinidad
Red Savina

sonoran Chiltepin (hand picked in Mexico)
Habanero de arbol
Hawaiian sweet hot (possibly Wailua)
Pulla Pepper (bolivia or Brazil)
Sunset (F1 hybrid)
Cascabel Chili (rattle, mirasol, bola, Ball. From Mexico)
Thai Super Hot (hybrid F1)
Florida Wild Bird
Numex Lumbre - 1-5k scu
Giant Sweet (bell?)
Numex Big Jim Legacy
Sandia A -Anaheim Type
Santa fe grande - usa
Ciliegia Piccante (Baccio di Satana aka Satans Kiss) - Italy
Chilhuacle Rojo (Chilguacle) Pablano type - Mexico
Black Scorpion Tounge
Wild Texas (Tomato? from the swap)
Cosa Arrugada
Big Dipper (bell)
Big early Jalapenos,
Long Red Thin Cayenne
Thai Sun
Pretty in Purple
Black Pearl
Purple Glow in the Dark (possibly the same as black pearl)
Yatzy aka Yatsufusa
Chili de Arbol
Firecracker Piquin
Peppermania's Big Ass Cayenne AKA Pepper JoeâÂÂs Cayenne
Golden Cayenne
Orange Cayenne
Mulato Isleno
Punjabi (Cayenne type I think)
Hot Banana Pepper
Sweet Banana Pepper
Big Bertha
Super Heavy Weight
Bangalore Whippets Tail
Las Cruces
Filius Blue
WM Brand Chili Peppers
WM Brand Mammoth Jalapeno
Pimiento Pepper
Hot Cow Horn
var. glabriusculum
Texas Chiltepin

C. Fructescense
Kung Pao
Pimiento de Padron
Thai Long
Wild Grove
Guam Boonie (guam)
zimbabwe Birds Eye Chili

C. Baccatum
Aji Yellow (Peruvian)
Bolivian Wild (TALL)
Inca Red Drop (peru)
Aji Lemon Drop (aka Kellu Uchu - Long Season. Origin: Peru)
Birgits Locoto (Bolivia)

C. Galapagoense

C. Chacoense
Unknown Cultivar

C. praetermissum
Cumari Pollux

Confirmed Hybrids
Thai Sun x Orange Habanero F1
Orange Hab x Scotch Bonnet F1
7pot Douglah x Butch T Scorpion F2
Thai Super Hot F1 (parents unknown - seed swap)
Sunset F1 hybrid (Parents unknown - Seed swap)

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northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)

Wow Jsschrstrcks, is this your grow list or your trade list? Perhaps you are a pepper farmer?

Last year I got on the hot pepper bandwagon due to a present from a friend and ended up planting way too many. It was a good experience though, as I got to determine my favourites so I am growing this year just a few:

Tobago Seasoning
Orange Habanero (from Dominican Republic)
Scotch Bonnet Red
Scotch Bonnet Yellow
Bonney (or Bonnie)
Hungarian Hot Wax
Trinidadian Scorpion
Fish Pepper
Lemon Drop

I have a couple seedlings of all but 2 already under lights along with about 5 varieties of bell peppers. Wish me luck!!

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Thanks for the Inca Red Drop seeds BTW...they germinated quickly and the plants are beautiful at this point. Can't wait to get these suckers in the ground.

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Glad they worked out for you! I added some 7 pot jonahs to my list too. I should have a good bunch this year.....22 of my habs germinated and I only want 3 or so....

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I'm currently looking at:

Bhut Jolokia
Trinidad Scorpion
Butch T Trinidad Scorpion
7-Pot Douglah
Uba Tuba
Sweet Red Cherry
NuMex Halloween

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Im growing:

California wonder TMZ?
California wonder bell
Big Jim
A geneticlly Chimayo type (not produced in Chimayo)
Nu-mex heritage 6-4
Nu-mex Joe E. Parker
Big Dipper Bell

Unfortuneatly I don't have a lot of room in my garden to grow many more varieties. I use the bell peppers fresh and in cooking dishes such as stir fry and fajitas. I make chili rellenos out of the new mexico types and poblanos. I make poppers and salsa out of the jalapenos, and I use serranos if I want to spice things up a little. For the Chimayo type, I dry them and make chili colorado.

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roper2008 (7b)

I'm growing two that are on your list schism. Jalmundo and zapotec.
Really looking forward to the zapotec. I'm going to wait until they
turn red. If they are as good as beth says, I will be saving lots of seeds.

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