Use of palm fertilizer

gregplantaine7(7a)March 13, 2013

I have this palm specific fertilizer that is supposed to be used on only in-ground palms but I also used it on one of my potted palms and am debating on whether to use it on my other potted palms.
Would it be safe to use it on the others or should I wait to see what the result will be?
It is a slow-release fertilizer.
Any advice would be helpful.

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The main danger I see is a build up of salts. The ground is a good buffer against that. It has all the micro organisms and other 'wildlife' which can absorb excess chemicals/fertilisers and spread them further away. You don't get that in a pot. A pot doesn't allow for something designed for use inground. But a good flushing with clean water now and again could over come that.

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It is a granular fertilizer and I know about the buildup of salts. I was mainly wondering if you think it may help speed up the growth of the palm(s).

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