Actinia and Edulis flavicarpa

karyn1(7a)October 19, 2007

Does the foliage on these two passies look alike? I was sent an Edulis flavicarpa earlier this year and have grown a couple Actinias from seed. The foliage looks exactly the same to me. Neither has bloomed yet but both are getting buds which also look the same. Both plants have lobed and unlobed leaves. Is one of the plants identified incorrectly? I'll post pics later but the do look identical to me.


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This is the Edulis

This is the Actinia

Except for the edulis being much fuller they look the same to me.

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According to my Passiflora book, P. actinia has unlobed leaves with 4 or 6 petiole glands. Looks like you have two P. edulis plants.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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That definitely doesn't look like my plant. I have to see if I can remember where I bought these so I don't buy from them again. lol I'm sure I purchased these seeds and didn't get them in a trade. This means I have something like 4 edulis plants : (

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Hi Karyn
As Kiwinut correctly says you certainly do not have actinia. I have a seventy foot wide one outside so I am sure! The link to Henk's site shows the correct actinia. The link below has a key to distinguish the main two types of edulis and the red stems and tendrils in your pictures certainly suggest that the flavicarpa ID is correct anyway. Buying seed particularly on the Internet is fraught with danger. You should not buy hybrid seed because it will rarely be as good as a cutting from the parent plant and often leads to confusion and disappointment. Species seed is generally a better bet (I recomend Mauro from Brazil) but can still be hybridized and the people selling are rarely Passiflora experts and rely on those who have sold them the seed to get it right. ID of Passiflora seed is very hard anyway.

Here is a link that might be useful: Passiflora edulis

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