Picture of Blue Lagoon Peony

dandeelion(z4 WI)May 18, 2005

Hello there,

This is my first time posting so please bear with me. I'm here today to share a picture of one of my 'Blue Lagoon Peonies' in bloom. I've pampered this plant for some time now waiting for flowers and was disappointed to find out that when it flowers it's not blue at all but single pink with yellow stamens. I've never seen a ugly peony and this one isn't but it's just heartbreaking that the picture on the package didn't match the root that I've planted some months back. I'm holding out thinking that maybe...just maybe with age it will mature to blue but I'm not going to hold my breath. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope that the picture helps those of you who have had the same burning question as me about what it looks like when the plant blooms. Sorry for any disappointment I may have caused but better to know now than spend upwards $30 on one plant buying from eBay or elsewhere. (PS-if the picture don't work please let me know. I have no clue how to attach a actual picture to this post so I'm hoping that the URL works for you.)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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LOL! What we've all been waiting for! Thats hysterical!
I bought 2 of them. I still like it though! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN UGLY PEONY. :) :)


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dandeelion(z4 WI)

Hello there Kathys999,

Glad to be of help. But a note on the picture. The bloom is tad lighter than the picture shows. It's more pink than red. Just sort of burns by buns that it isn't what was pictured on the package and now I have to change my much thought out planting scheme but oh well. All 8 of the Blue Lagoons that I have will be much loved just the same! And who knows? In the meantime sometime soon maybe there really will be such a thing as a double blue flowering peony? Wouldn't that be wonderful?!

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jackie_o(zone 5/6)

dandeelion welcome to GardenWeb! You're the winner in the "Blue Lagoon" sweepstakes LOL.
I'm sorry about your planting scheme. I knew it wouldn't be blue, but I will love it anyway - I agree - no ugly peonies.
Those of us who spent $5 for two roots won't be nearly as disappointed as those who spent much more on Ebay.

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dandeelion(z4 WI)

Hello Jackie O

Thanks for the warm welcome! :+) I've used this website quite a few times
over the years and wow. What a amazing wealth of information a person can
get on anything!!!!! Except for the Blue Lagoon Peony! I did a internet
search some time back and where do you think it brought me? Yep! GW! I'm
always amazed at the posts and while never a member before today I've wanted
to write each and all a hearty "thank you" for helping me some sort of
struggle I've had that they unknowingly helped me with! So hence the
picture of the Blue Lagoon. It's just my way of trying to help right back.
Luckily I was one of those fortunate ones who didn't pay to much for my
roots either. Buy it now at $11.99 for two roots so while a bit
bummed...I'm still happy...although...I have near 50 peonies that I'm going
to be planting this year (amongst many other plants)...can you say..."Spring
is almost over and where did summer go"?! Anyway I forgot to mention that
the bloom is about 3 1/2 inches across. I'm not sure that with a few years
time they will get bigger or this is it? I also noticed that the flower
closes up at night. I've never pampered a peony quite like this one so now
my curiosity is up if the other ones I have planted do the same thing or

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qbirdy(z4/5 Central NY)

Hi Dandeelion and welcome!
Considering Blue Lagoon is a Walmart Special for so many of us there is still a good chance of a lot of different peonies out there! Thanx for the picture :)
I'm pampering my Blue Lagoon still, its got buds and is growing happily so maybe I'll get flowers too. I agree, no such thing as an ugly peony!


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dandeelion(z4 WI)

And a happy thank you too Lenore for the most wonderful welcome! And I'm more than happy that you got a preview of what you might have in your Blue Lagoon. Now if I get good enough at this I will be able to hopefully attach pictures instead of a link! Since I took that picture this morn the second bud on the same plant had opened. Same color though. Not blue. Amazing how quickly the plant shows it's gorgeousness after such a long wait! (But better than the typical two to three years time span!) I hope that you get your blooms just a fast! I'm wondering something however? Some time back someone told me that with hydrangias (sp?) you need to amend the soil to get them to bloom blue. Think this could be possible with this plant? Hummmmmmm....?

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Dandeelion, you might want to check out the Heartland Peony Society's web page. It's full of interesting stuff about peonies. ;) And welcome to Garden Web. :)

IA Z5a

Here is a link that might be useful: Heartland Peony Society

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mahen(z4 NH)

hello first time here, i started growing peonies three years ago in memory of my grandmother! i saw the blue lagoon on ebay. i am glad that i found this web site, what people are geting for one root is crazy. i called all the area nurseries in my state and no one heard of them!! i found a web site that states it might be a shame becasue it looks more like a peony type tulip that breks have in their catalog.

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Nancy zone 6

My blue lagoon bloomed too, looks like yours, deep pink/red & if you look at it in the right light & squint you might see a purplish hue. As the flower faded it did look more blue, but it certainly is nothing like the picture and you still have to use your imagination :) My Walmart purchases from last year of Lavendar Lady had 3 plants in the package. The first plant was light pink with neat darker pink streaking on the petals, the next plant was very similar to the Blue lagoon. The 3rd plant did not bloom, but I am curious because the foliage on each of the 3 was different in coloring. Makes me wonder what the other Blue lagoon plant will bloom, or the Sorbet I got from them :)Keeps life interesting. Like you said, both Blue Lagoon & Lavendar Lady seemed to close up at night. Do all single peonies do that?
I love both of these though, I had no single peonies so this worked out well. Wonder what Walmart will have next year.

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I'm the first person that inquired about this plant here on GW and feel bad about it. This is such a disappointment but I didn't pay much for them at Wallyworld. I really feel sorry for all the people that bought these on Ebay and didn't know that they might not be what the picture portrayed. Us forumers were lucky to know ahead of time that Blue Lagoon could be a sham. I'm not surprised Wallyworld would mislead its customers especially since they come out with mislabled roses year after year. It may even be possible to get money back from Wallyworld, but all those misguided customers on Ebay really got ripped off.

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They sure did. But thats not all the people that get misled, I bought Moon of Nippon and Sword Dance off Ebay. I got Moon of Nippon.. I don't know what the heck the other one is, but its NOT Sword Dance. Anybody can swap out less wanted roots and knowing you don't see a bloom until the "feedback" has expired on the transaction.

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valentina(Z5 WI)

Hi everybody,
This is my first message here. But I too used your experience a lot in the past. Great help for beginners. Thank you so much!!!
Anyway, I wanted to share a picture of MY "Blue Lagoon", which looks nothing like yours :) At least mine has some idea of blue...

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jackie_o(zone 5/6)

Valentina that's lovely! I would be really happy with that!

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valentina(Z5 WI)

Thank you.
It looked nice... kind of small, but I am sure it will get bigger in time. It was just planted, a couple of months before it flowered.
I am curious if the flower becomes more blue (or should I say more purple maybe) in the future.

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triple_b(BC 5b)

I am starting to think this "Blue Lagoon" Peony is like the legendary unicorn or perhaps a jackalope or mermaid! All I hear is of people buying them and finding out that they are something other. So is there really a blue lagoon peony, and if so, where can i BE SURE of getting one?

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Any of the databases of registered peonies I've ever browsed didn't have a peony called Blue Lagoon nor did they have a peony called Lavendar Lady. Basically what Wally-world is selling is something they get from a supplier that is probably a peony that supplier long ago lost the tag for, or something like that and so they've renamed and packaged it for the mass market.

Heartland Peony Society has a great database, and so does the Yahoo Peony group. I don't remember seeing any record of Blue Lagoon or Lavendar Lady in either of these.

If you want cheap filler plants and don't care if they are true to name then Wally-world is the place to be. If you want to become a serious peony collector or just want true to name plants then buy from a reputable peony grower. They are not hard to find. :)

IA Z5a

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beebopper(Z6 Ky)

Hi, I'm new and I was shocked to see all this stuff about the Blue Lagoon Peony. I bought so many of these from E-bay it isn't funny becaue all the Wal-Marts were out of them...I gave a bunch a way to special friends too. Well, thanks for the info. I like so many have really babied mine too and have waited a whole year to see this beautiful blue or purple Peony, only to find out it may not even exist. Well, I must say, it will truly be interesting to see what will come of all the ones I planted in their extra special places in my garden. I still can't believe it. The picture was so gorgeous, I just had to have several of them. Well, we will see what happens and if I can figure out how to send pictures, I will as soon as they bloom. Thanks for the info.

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dandeelion(z4 WI)

Hello beebopper and welcome!

I too was as shocked as you were when I started to do research on the so called "Blue Lagoon Peony". I did get mine from eBay but I was lucky. I won mine using "buy it now" at a very reasonable price. It was after the fact I won that I got curious and needed to know more. Hour after our of trying to find something on the internet it was GardenWeb where I got most all my information. When I got my root I planted it with loving care (as all of us did with this rare find) and continued to try to gather information on this peony only to get nowhere. My bud continued to grow though all of this and one day (as you saw from the picture) it bloomed! I wrote to the seller to let her know that I got a bloom and it didn't look a thing like the package picture and sent a picture to her too of my bloom but what really got me? She wrote back...then ignored me and continued to sell the roots with no footnote that the root may not look as pictured. I continued to watch eBay auctions and saw that some people were winning one root at $60 to $70! I felt deeply for those people (angry too) and hoped that maybe...just maybe they will wind up with a root that produces a pretty double blue bloom. I'd be just sick to pay that much money for one root and wind up with something that isn't even close! Anyway...walking though Wal-Mart at the end of last season I stopped dead in my tracks. There on a plant package was the all to familiar picture of the "Blue Lagoon Peony"! Edging my way closer I picked up the package and it didn't say "Blue Lagoon Peony" at all but it was the same identical picture!!! Only it was of some sort of tulip! Yep...I'm afraid that we have been had. Seems that somewhere along the line somebody put a picture of those lovely tulips on the package and however they came up with the name of "Blue Lagoon Peony" is beyond me. I truly hope that my conclusion is wrong but it sure seems correct. I will so be looking forward to seeing your pictures. I truly...from the bottom of my heart do hope that you get what the package picture shows. Please keep us all posted.

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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

There is a tulip called 'Blue Lagoon' although it is a single. There are also double tulips known as peony tulips. It seems quite possible for confusion to arise.

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shic_2006(4a 5a)

I do know this double "blue" cultivar first shown in 1975 called Saphire, see images. BTW, I think "blue" means something different when talking about peonies and orchids, etc.

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beebopper(Z6 Ky)

Thanks, dandeelion for the warm welcome. I can't figure out how so many people already had some blooms the first year. Well, this year I should have blooms and I'm excited to see what the results will be.

Now if I can just figure out how to explain to all those people I gave some to, as a special treat...for a special friend...they don't know yet...maybe I can convince them that they must have done somethng wrong...ha ha...just joking...it's not like I'm going to be able to produce one either...oh no...I guess I'll just have to explain this whole mess to them...Hey, I tried...I have one friend who is still hysterically laughing.

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Don't bother to explain. Just shrug and ask if they like the plant. Who knows what the plants will look like when they mature. Blue in many plants is just a bluish pink so you did give them a special treat. You thought they were worthy of something special.

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amulet(7b NC)

Okay my "Blue Lagoon" peony from Wal-Mart bloomed today. Here's what I got in the luck of the draw...

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shic_2006(4a 5a)

That is a unique solid color. It does not appear to be as expensive looking as the 1975 cultivar Sapphire. Also inspired by the color changes of Hydrangea flowers   have you tried the plant in highly acid soil?

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lkaye(z5 WV)

I got 5 root divisions in my package of "Blue Lagoon" and so I guess I got the jackpot!!!! Two dark fuchia single and three medium pink singles! Small, no fragrance. Well at least they all bloomed! Disappointing tho.....

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qbirdy(z4/5 Central NY)

Here's my Blue Lagoon, it finally bloomed yesterday :)

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sydseeds(5A /ON)

" Posted by shic_2006 4a 5a on Thu, May 18, 06 at 16:08Âhave you tried the plant in highly acid soil? "

Giving this peony an acidic fertilizer or planting it in highly acidic soil will not turn this peony flowers to blue - it doesn't work that way like it does with some hydrangeas....peonies are not acid loving plants, so giving them acidic fertilizer/acidic soil is not a good thing.

Just didn't want anyone to damage a perfectly good (albeit not blue) peony by adding/planting it in highly acidic soil.

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valentina(Z5 WI)

I have to say I like my "Blue Lagoon" peony.
Here's another picture from this year.

They open a darker pink/red (or whatever color that is) and the next day the color is lighter (like in my picture). I think this *is* what is called "blue" in peonies' world...
If it has any importance, my soil is very alkaline.


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shic_2006(4a 5a)

I merely search the internet for links. I never grow any peonies. I cannot believe people pointing out my sentences Â

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Shic be complimented. You phrased your statement as a question. One which many growers ask and someone thought enough of you to keep you from doing something that might harm your plant. However not all peonies like a alkline soil either. There are several species that grow in granite or volcanic soil which is generally on the acid side but not too acid. A long time ago I worked as an assistant reference desk librarian (back when I could spell) and looking for information is a great way increase your knowledge. Don't hold back your knowledge. No one on this site or any other have time to or mostly inclination to searh for information. If you could find a grower of the Saphire peony I would like the website or information. The only source I knew of lost their plants.

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valentina(Z5 WI)

This "Sapphire" peony looks to me like "Lan Bao Shi" (tree peony).


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shic_2006(4a 5a)


"Lan Bao Shi" means "Sapphire". You are so good at it!

Please contact Maifleur because (s)he wants a plant. I wonder if this cultivar is easy to keep.

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jackie_o(zone 5/6)

Valentina your last picture is exactly what mine looked like. I also have alkaline soil.
They bloomed early and lasted a really long time. They looked good for weeks. I wouldn't trade them now.

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valentina(Z5 WI)

shic_2006, the fact that I was able to recognise this peony tells me how "sick" I must be :))
Last fall I've decided to buy a couple of tree peonies and, because there are so many of them, I had no idea which one I like best, so I spent hours and hours browsing the internet, looking for pictures and reading about them. This "Lan Bao Shi" peony must have gotten attached to my brain :)

jackie, I guess your wish came true :) Last year your were saying that you would be happy with that flower.
I am glad you like it. I really like it too. It has a nice shape and the whole plant looks nice... mine didn't need any support or anything...
And yes, you are right, they bloomed for a long time.


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valentina(Z5 WI)

I forgot to say that "Lan Bao Shi" is available at many nurseries that sell tree peonies.
Here are some of them:
Golden Port International
Sexy Bloomers


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shic_2006(4a 5a)

How beautiful! Sorry I didn't know the difference between Lan Bao Shi and Sapphire. I suspect the cultivars are related.

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valentina(Z5 WI)

Actually, they might be the same plant.
See here (scrooll down a lot) and here.
Apparently some people translate "Lan Boa Shi" as "Blue Jewel" and others as "Blue Sapphire".


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I ordered Lan Bao Shi from treepeonygarden.com last
fall. It was big and healthy. I also got
Hua Hu Die (colorfull butterfly).

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well, I think this is a common disappointment when waiting for any flower labeled "blue" to bloom. I went thru it last year with blue phlox (not the creeper, but the tall perennial phlox) At best, you would be lucky to get lavender.

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