susankaMay 20, 2008

Hi -- Years ago I had a peony that was yellow and pink with lots of petals (I haven't grown peonies except this one that was already in my yard). I remember the tag had "sherbet" in the name, but I can't find it on a google search. Could anyone tell me what this peony might have been? Thanks very much. I want to plant some peonies in my new yard in Colorado.

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Was it pink on the edges with yellow "petals" or yellow "stamens" in the center?

Maybe there is one named "sherbet", otherwise could you be thinking of sorbet or raspberry sundae?

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Hi, and thanks. They were lighter pink petals (not that real bright deep pink that some peonies are) with some yellow petals closer to the center, as I remember, and probably yellow stamens also, although I'm not sure about the stamens. The tag could have said "sorbet" although I remember it as sherbet. I know there was another word in the name also. I think I know what Japanese form is, and it wasn't that form with just a few petals, it had lots and lots of petals.

Thanks for getting past my failure to name my post; wish I could change it so people could see what I'm asking.

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Maybe "sherbet" was substituted in for "sundae" in raspberry sundae. A couple different pics of it are circulating on the internet, so maybe take a look at some of those to see if it is indeed that variety.

Did it have a fragrance? I planted a raspberry sundae last fall, but it won't bloom this year...maybe next year.

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omigosh, what a gorgeous flower. I think mine was the reverse of this one, but I wonder if I'm remembering wrong. It was beautifully fragrant also.

Thanks again.

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