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jkrup44(9B FL)October 17, 2009

I have heard that the taste of fruit of a P. Edulis grown from seed can vary, some tasting better than others. I was wondering, would there also be slight color variations in the flowers from one plant to the other, if grown from seed?


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Hi Josh,

This question has been up for a while and nobody has responded. I'll take a guess and see if you get any responses. I've personally never seen much variation among pure P. edulis f. edulis, although I haven't seen that many different clones.

P. edulis is a big plant, especially in Florida. If all you want is one plant and one has fruited and given you good fruit--or if it is a clone that is already known to have high quality fruit--don't keep the seedlings in the hope of getting different flowers. If space is a concern or if you are looking for variety, pull them up and plant something else.

If you are looking for a slightly different clone of P. edulis, I can give you a couple rooted cuttings of P.edulis 'Frederick', which is some sort of complex hybrid with P. edulis flavicarpa. It has much bigger fruit and somewhat bigger flowers. I've never noticed the flower color being that different. If you still want P. edulis, but with different coloration, you could always go with one of the white forms. Grassy Knoll sells one--'Norfolk'--again a hybrid with flavicarpa (but out of stock).

There are so many things that grow where you are that there's reason to limit yourself. If you are interested in P. Elizabeth (P. phoenicia x incarnata) let me know. Dave H. has a picture in the long flower thread--mine looks just like that. My "big" plant (it's small). was grown from a rooted cutting started last November of December. It was half eaten by snails, recovered and just bloomed. It would have had quite a few more flowers, except someone broke off the tip full of buds. It was incredibly soft, but it rooted almost immediately. If you like 'Incense' you'd like it. It's not as vigorous a grower.


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jkrup44(9B FL)

Thanks Randy. Right now I actually have 4 Edulis plants. 3 of them came from you as seedlings, the other is the 'Nancy Garrison' grown from a cutting. It isn't that I am in search for more P. Edulis, with different color variations in their flowers. Just for my own knowledge, I was just wondering if there was much natural color variation among the plants grown from seed. I haven't had the pleasure of any of them blooming yet. Of course I would expect anything grown from cuttings to be identical to the source. But, I wasn't sure how different the flowers might be when grown from seed. It sounds like the answer is - not much.

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