Blue Lagoon Peony Blooms!

Kathys999May 1, 2005

Is anyone's blooming yet? I want to see pictures!

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pappu(z5 IL)

My finger could'nt move fast enough to click on 'blue lagoon blooms' LOL. I have two buds that are getting more attention than my 2 yr son and I will post pictures if everything goes well....

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qbirdy(z4/5 Central NY)

Mine has buds but will be a long time to bloom yet. I can't wait for a pic here!!!!!

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Mine did bloom....hate to disappoint is a single pink with yellow center. I still have other buds (I bought 3 bags)I got rid of the internet at home temp. so can't post the picture...

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Hello rebb1956, What did you think about the flower?....was it one you would have wanted anyway even if it did not look Double and true blue like on the label?(I think that practice is WRONG, they should always label packages with an actual photo of the plant...its misleading, no matter how cheaply its purchased at Walmart) is the foliage on the plant?..overall growth and landscape appeal?..I just planted mine and have no idea yet...I am just dying to see a real picture of Blue Lagoon in bloom!...I hope to see one posted soon! hint hint hint to anyone out there reading!:)...GardenLove

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jackie_o(zone 5/6)

It'll still be a few weeks for me. Oddly though as I look at the plants they all have very different leaves. I'm not even sure if out of 4 packages that I bought (2 Blue Lagoon and 2 Sorbet) that I even have two of the same peony.
I think it's gonna be pot luck. Kind of like they threw all the roots in a big grab bag and then didn't care which ones went into which bag.
I'm still entertained though.

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Hi Jackie_o.....Oh Boy!...It is entertaining...Will the real "Blue Lagoon" please stand UP!!...hahaha....I would still love to see any different versions that bloom...and hopefully, it will become clear which one is supposed to be the real B. L...and I would also love to see what your grab bag bunch turns up for you!!...Do they all have buds?...GardenLove

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dighappy(z7 NJ)

Jackie_o, can't wait to see what you got in your 'grab bag'....I definitely have the peony bug and plan on getting several more as I dig more gardens. I have not seen the Blue Lagoon peony anywhere (checked in Walmart first) but I am keeping my eyes open for something really different. Please post a pic as soon as yours blooms.


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jackie_o(zone 5/6)

Okay Dig here's a few from last year to tide you over until they bloom.

The only one that I know the variety on is number three. It's Hit Parade.

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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

jackie - that last one looks a lot like Sarah Bernhardt.

They're all pretty! I like the hot pinks!

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I am getting really jealous. Every one seems to have a BLUE LAGOON that they are waiting on. I have searched all the Greenhouses arround me for one to buy( mostly getting looks like I have lost my mind) Wall-mart here tries to tell me there is no such critter. HELP!!! My wifes birthday--and mothers day have come and gone and have not been able to get her a BLUE LAGOON PEONY. Can anyone direct me to anywhere that I can get (at least one) of these.

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getyourleash(z7 Mid-Atl USA)

The second to last one looks like Karl Rosenfeld, but it's hard to say since sometimes colors look different in photos. I agree the last one looks quite a bit like Sarah Bernhardt.

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freedom1(Seattle, WA)

Number one and number four look like Duchess de Nemours. Are they fragrant? I have one of these and just love it!


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jackie_o(zone 5/6)

Thanks for IDing for me guys. They were divisions from friends who didn't know what they were either. Some were in my old garden and the owner had died when I bought the house.

Lester if you've read any of the threads about Blue Lagoon you'll know that we're really not expecting it to look like the photo. You should probably go and get your wife a really beautiful peony at your nursery or garden center and not worry about Blue Lagoon. We did have one report of a single pink that the grower wasn't very impressed with.

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dighappy(z7 NJ)

Jackie......WOW!!!!! What beauties they all are. I only have 3 now but you have definitely inspired me to get more asap, really love that Hit Parade.

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Hi, I love peonies...however, I was disappointed in the was a single pale pink...nothing like the other posted pic. BUT some of the other buds look different so I'm with whomever said we could end up with all types. ALSO, because I grew it inside and it bloomed inside (no thanks to my cat) I am giving it the benefit of the doubt...however, I doubt anyone has the color that we expected...auh, what a sickness we all have..I did buy a bowl of beauty (think that is what it is called) from WW and it wasn't alive. It had a red shoot, I planted in a pot but at closer look it was not was dried up...I kept it in the pot and still babied it for two months but yesterday I dug it out and sure enough it was not fault. I thought the darker shoot was just that it was a different type... :( I hate WW but still go back..

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