help! yellowing and wilting!

rialiraOctober 25, 2007

I bought a blue eyed susan from Logee's several weeks ago. at the time of purchase it had a large, ready to pop bud on it, which it dropped a couple days after I brought it home. the passionflowers were in 2.5 inch pots and the lady there told me not to transplant them for a while. I noticed that the roots on my blue eyed susan seemed particularly weak; the plant has a fairly thick stem but will not stand upright on its own. after I brought it home I noticed that it moved around a lot in the dirt and some of the roots were exposed, so I put some more dirt over it and hoped for the best. weeks passed without any growth whatsoever and slight yellowing of the leaves, so a few days ago I transplanted it to a window box with an edulis and some big moonflowers and morning glories. it is drooping like crazy and yellowing a little more. I'm thinking the soil may be too wet for it but I'm not about to rip it out of the ground again, plus the edulis and company are absolutely fine. any suggestions would be great.

also, a somewhat less pressing matter: I've got a handful of other passionflowers that won't flower, or do so rarely. buds appear, but yellow and die extremely small.



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jblaschke(8b TX)

Yes, over-watering would be my first guess, but that's a tough call with cuttings this young. You're also fighting transplant shock more likely than not, especially since the plant and roots weren't stable in the soil. And since it's a new cutting, bright sun might well be too much for it at this stage.

I suggest making sure it's in partial shade or indirect light, and hold off on the watering until the soil dries out some. At this point with the stress the plant's under, you don't want to do much more than that--efforts at rescue may stress the plant more and be counter-productive (I know from experience. Oh the plants I've killed out of compassion!).

Good luck!

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I made sure to put it out of the direct sun and behind bigger leaves of other adjacent plants. And it's been cloudy the past couple days, so light isn't really going to be much of an issue. I haven't watered the box at all, I've pretty much left it alone because I figured anything I do will be counter-productive, as you said.

So I guess I was on the right path, heh.

But it doesn't make sense to me that the plant had experienced absolutely zero growth prior to this... The edulis, though looking healthy enough, also refused to grow the slightest bit. It had been maybe a month.


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