Tree Peony Blooms and Buds Hanging Low !!

bop28(z6 Mo)May 5, 2010

My beautiful Yellow tree peony finally has several blooms, but all are hanging down beneath the leaves,where they can't be seen. Even the new flower buds are hanging low. What causes this? I am thinking of digging it up at the end of the season and moving it to the backyard where another is doing fine.

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Which peony do you have many of the tree peonies developed by a Prof Saunders either hide the flowers or have them just in the leaves. It is a matter of taste and that was his taste. If it is one of his you may want to find a site that you can look directly eye level at the foliage such as along an entry way or some garage entrances have a raised area.

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I have the same yellow peony covered with massive double bloom most facing down and hidden in the leaves. These I often cut and challenge my wife to make a suitable arrangement of them. For viewing in the garden I have not found a way. Al

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The one you have is probably Chromatella. I had one that bloomed in the foliage like that and I dug it out and gave it away. The flowers were so big and heavy they nearly touched the ground.

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