Palms that grow in 8b and 9a

RichardC7(6b-7a)March 12, 2013

I'm moving to the Savannah / hilton head area next spring, and was just wondering what types or palms are successfully grown there?! accept the obvious palm (Cabbage) thanks!

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Congrats on the move, sure you won't miss Pgh? Anyhoo, not a tremendous variety of palms however it's the perfect southern mix of live oaks, camellia, gardenias, mags, palms, cycads, agave and lots of other stuff. The palms are pretty much limited to sabals of all varieties, livistonas, washies, Serenoas, all the usual cold Hardies, a few dates here and there, med fans, etc. I don't think I'm missing anything but I'm sure there is experimentation as well. It's a beautiful area, one of my favorites. Good luck and post lots o pics!

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bradleyo - i'm sure ill be back and forth all the time! I have free flying, so georgia is just an hour from pittsburgh! anyways, i've also seen queen palms on garden web in hilton head! Not sure how they will actually do, but I guess it will be an experiment!

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