First bloom on P. miersii

louisianamark(9)October 22, 2009

Hello everyone,

Got the first bloom today on my seed-grown P. miersii. The flowers are medium sized. Lots more buds on the plant too!


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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

Wow - that's beautiful, Mark! And it's quite an accomplishment to have raised it from seed!

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Very nice. The corona is really colorful and almost like an optical illusion if you look at it for a time. lol

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This is my first time to post a message here and I am so happy I now have somewhere to "talk" to people about gardens and nature. I have or HAD a big full Passionvine but the Fritillaries have managed to shred it over the summer. This plant is about a year old, and has only had ONE beautiful passionflower on it!! What am I doing wrong? Could it be the butterflies?

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The caterpillars probably ate any buds that were forming. I like caterpillars and would just plant more passion vines. I'd plant vines to use as a caterpillar food and just relocate the caterpillars from vines that you want to keep caterpillar free onto them. You'll likely have to plant a number of vines because the GF cats are voracious eaters as you've found out.

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