Passiflora loefgrenii x caerulea

mark4321_gwOctober 4, 2012

My Passiflora loefgrenii x caerulea hasn't bloomed yet, but it's time that I post on it.

I'm just starting to grow this plant, but I've been told it's one of the more vigorous and floriferous hybrids. Just as a warning--I was told not to put this in the ground, as it can be more aggressive than P. caerulea. I did put one in the ground, and my sister did as well. In both cases there are limited spots it can spread to. I think...

This is a Passionflower that is tolerant of the heat, I understand, and can also take a fair amount of cold. I've usually heard 15 or 18 degrees. I assume this is for mature plants, growing in the ground.

Since I don't have a flower to show yet, I have to post pictures of others'. Annie's Annuals and Strybing Arboretum are the places that I am aware of that sell the plant. Perhaps also on Ebay. I asked recently who made the hybrid. A couple people thought perhaps Don Mahoney, curator of the San Francisco Botanical Garden (Strybing) but I don't have confirmation on this.

Here's the plant growing and blooming at Annie's Annuals.

At the bottom I also give a link to a photo of the plant blooming in a 1 gallon pot, posted previously here by Eric Wortman/Crystal Stone (Eristal). I've seen the plant bloom in a 1 gallon pot a number of times, at Strybing sales.

I like the fact the hybrid has the long peduncles found in its P. loefgrenii parent.

Here's my plant not blooming, in the ground in San Carlos, CA.

It looks happy, and has formed small buds and later aborted them. I think it's a matter of just a little time until actual flowers emerge.

This is a really easy one to propagate. I do have some rooted cuttings and I can send one for postage to those interested. These are probably best sent in a box, but I would guess that they might make it in an envelope. Email me if interested.

In areas that get frost, these would presumably have to spend at least the first winter inside. In zone 9+ (perhaps 8b) they should be able to ultimately make it outside all year.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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It looks similar to P. amethyst.

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Hi Karyn,

It does, in many ways. The parentage is similar: P. 'Amethyst' is P. kermesina x P. caerulea. P. kermesina and P. loefgrenii are very similar in many ways.

Some of the differences: P. loefgrenii x caerulea has longer peduncles, the filaments in the center are darker and poofed up more (both P. kermesina and P. loefgrenii have a "Dr. Seuss' look to them). I think overall both the flower and the vine of P. loefgrenii x caerulea are more "robust", so that would make P. 'Amethyst' more "gracile". I think those are words that can be applied to plants... Hopefully that makes sense.

P. loefgrenii x caerulea also much more readily forms fruit. Not that it's something one would want to eat.

I've grown P. 'Amethyst' but don't have it now. A comparison photo would be interesting if anyone does. P. loefgrenii x caerulea flowers "seem" larger to me, but I'm not sure if that's actually true.

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I still have the plants, for postage. I thought I would add another couple photos--closeups of the flowers.

This is a great hybrid, which is why Annie's Annuals, Brushwood Nursery, and the SF Botanical Garden (where the hybrid was created) all sell it. It is a recent hybrid.

I photographed the flowers at Annie's Annuals:

In case you are wondering why it doesn't have a "name", I don't think is due to the fact that the hybrid is new. I believe it's because there are related hybrids made in Europe, and Passiflora Society rules prevent one from registering a second, similar hybrid under a new name. Passiflora 'Betty Myles Young' is one of the simlar hybrids that comes to mind.

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