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Joe2012October 5, 2012

I have recently bought two passiflora incarnata plants, both of them being only a year old in 4 inch pots. I spoke with several growers of this plant and some told me I should wait till spring to plant because the plants are so young. Some told me to get them in the ground and mulch heavily and cover when the frosts came. We haven't had a frost here yet but it is getting down in the 50's maybe a little colder at night. Can I plant them and then just cover them up to protect them from frost? And if I do plant them now will the roots take hold and survive? And comments or suggestions would be great. Thanks. ;)

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Since it's late in the season I'd wait until spring to plant them. If we have another mild winter like last year they'd be fine but if the winter is severe you might lose them. I'd err on the side of caution. You don't have to keep the plants inside under lights over the winter. I keep container grown cold hardy passies dormant in an unheated greenhouse. They're fine as long as the soil in the container doesn't freeze solid.

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