Passion flower fruit planting

jeep461(5)October 4, 2009

My native Incarnata (maypop) had not fruited in years. I had bought a bunch of plants to cross with it. They did not survive. Well I have a flock of hummers and I guess they found another plant cause not I have a bunch of fruit.

How do I save the seeds. Planting instructions....

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I have collected seeds from the dried flowers, but have never had the patience to see it through to sow them. I find cuttings much easier to produce new plants.
I have just harvested dozens of cuttings from my mother plants.
I will be wintering the mother plants in my basement, next to my fig and olive tree.
I have good success with rooting the cuttings and then potting them for next spring.
Good Luck!

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Do you have those huge all black bees (Xylocopa) where you are? I know that in many places those are supposed to be the primary pollinators of P. incarnata.

I think it would be nice if someone did a detailed post about growing Passiflora from seed, including pictures. I'll do the same for cuttings--I'll try to start tomorrow. Hopefully those will follow up with results, and give people a chance to answer questions and give feedback.

Since I don't grow incarnata and I grow Passiflora from cuttings, someone else should fill you in. I do believe you have to stratify (store the seeds in the fridge) for weeks or even a couple months. That's not the case for almost all Passiflora.

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Hi Jim,
Wait for the fruit to completely ripen. I try to let them just drop or if they release at the slightest touch they're usually ripe. I try to store the seeds in the arils for as long as possible. I've scooped them from the fruit and put them in the fridge for a while. You can also clean, dry and store them in a cool dry place. I've also allowed edulis fruit just to sit out and shrivel up and the seeds germinated just fine.

Like Randy said I do believe that incarnata seeds germinate best with a period of cold stratification of about a month but I've sowed them (incarnata) directly in the spring and had ok results.

I never got any fruit on the vines that you sent to me but they did grow beautifully for quite a while. Last winter was just too cold and wet and they didn't return this spring. I did have other incarnata vines that I'd grown from seed come back but just barely. They didn't even emerge until sometime in July.

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Anyone growing Passiflora from seed should read this from Myles:

Follow all the links. There may be more information than you really wanted... great site.


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Yes I have the big black bees and every other type of insect. This is the 1st time in years I have had hummers live here. The seed pods are about 10-20 feet up in the trees. My hummers are on them daily sometime 2 or more times.

These Passies are special to me cause they are the only one that survive here. Thanks Karyn and Eric mine a just ripening now. October through December are the best time for starting seeds here. I have to figure what ever the cross was it has to be hardy so it will be fun to see what color they are.


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