cut peonies?

aqrose(7b NE GA)May 19, 2008


I'm so excited this year that my 1st peony my mother & I planted several years ago is finally blooming! It had one single bloom last year, but this year I had 4 flowers! Two were very nice sizes about the size of a hybrid tea rose bloom, but two of them were enormous, bigger than my cats' heads! We had rain the other day and the added weight of the water caused them all to flop over damaging the branches. So I cut them and brought them inside. The first day they looked great but now they're wilting & browning a little. Is there anything special I need to be doing to prolong their vase life?

Thanks. :)

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The general advice I've seen is to cut them in the bud stage when they are like marshmallows...prior to them being open. Then, depending upon cultivar among other factors, the bloom may last for about a week.

For the ones you've already cut and placed in a vase, I'm not sure what you can do to prolong their life other than using some additives that I'm not familiar with. I suppose you could also keep it in as cool a temperature setting as reasonable, especially at night when you're not admiring it.

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aqrose(7b NE GA)

Thank you, houdinii. :)

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I had the same problem and I read to sear the stems. I cut mine, and hold them in a flame (gas stove top or Bar B Que lighter) until charred and immediately put them in the vase. I have some now that are over a week old. They do drink A LOT so check water level daily! You can revive ones by recutting and researing.

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If they do not open in time you can place stems in warm water for a couple of hours. I have also overheard that some exhibitors use a box with a hair dryer.

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I just cut them and stick them in water, usually after the flowers have first opened. They last 2 days to a week for me, and I am not sure why - but for some reason the flowers I cut from the peonies that I have in sunnier areas do better and last longer.

I have never cut the stems with buds and put them in water because I was not sure they would make it. From what I am reading here, I assume that they do open up nicely?

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If cut when the color is showing and the ants are enjoying the nectar, they will open fine over the next several days. Al

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I am not adding anything helpful but I wanted to say I am with you on the finally blooming part! After 3 years my Peony is finally blooming!!! YEAH!! It had 5 but I cut one and it looks like there might be a couple more trying to start!

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