when to buy for spring planting?

greenleaf_organic(8, TX)October 3, 2010

Hi, I am new to passion flowers and want to plant a fruiting variety for spring planting in the ground. Can I start one in a pot and overwinter in the house, or do they naturally go dormant in the winter regardless? (I am in zone 8) The reason I ask is so that I can start looking now to find a good variety and then maybe get a head start on growth.


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I am planning on winter sowing some this winter. That way I won't have to worry about the stratification process. I will probably start this early January. Also another advantage to winter sowing you don't have to worry about harden off a plant or damp off. It is all done outside!!

You should check out the winter sowing forum's faqs page and it will tell you more about it.

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You have to decide what variety (or varieties for pollination) you want. The cold hardy varieties are grown more for their ornamental value then the taste of their fruit.

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The most commonly available edible species of Passiflora are the edulis varieties. If you are overwintering indoors, there is no reason you cannot get one now. The only concern would be spider mites which are rampant indoors, and P. edulis is quite susceptible. You will just have to keep a good eye on it.

Now to pimp out one of my favorite sites for Passifloras. Go to www.gkexoticplants.com. Elizabeth still has 3 different varieties of P.edulis available, and she is having her big annual 40% sale right now! They won't last long...

In zone 8, there are actually a decent amount of Passifloras that you could grow outdoors, but many are harder to find. Email me directly if you need more help.

Good luck,

Eric Wortman

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