Pgmy date palm question

eemedrelytMarch 14, 2009

My pgmy date palm has been doing well until now, leaves on the palm are starting to get droopy like and crispy. They are turning a dull green kind of color, like as if there gonan die, but there not. It looks like all of the energy has been sucked out of them. My palm is in a 16 inch pot. % syalks. Not all of the stalks are being harmed like this, only 2 have leaves looking like what i explained above. So would anyone know why this is happening? the palm daces south window in sun, not direct sun, but still sun. Could it be the leaves that are getting bad are not in enough sun? or what?

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Ops, that one sentence is supposed to say 5 stalks

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it could be root bound or overwatered.

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fagannutsy(North New Jersey)

Each "Stalk" is a seperate tree. So you have 5 trees in one pot fighting for water and nutrients.

I just split my one palm (Forum-Splitting my Date Palm)one of the palms is doing the samething the new leaves are wilting - Im guessing from root damage.

Seeing this with mine and reading Marc's comment my educational guess would be roots are getting choked and lacking sufficient water.

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Put your PDP in a humid area in your house or spray it with water every other day. They need humid conditions and will decline if kept in dry conditions. Also make sure not to overwater. I have killed more PDP by over watering than I would like to admitt.

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My sister and I just planted 2 palms in large containers and the ends of the leaves on some of them are turning brown. What is the casue and how do I correct it. The plants are approx. 3'.

Thank you in advance
Teri Saavedra

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Its hard to tell without a pic, or some more info on the type of palm tree, or the conditions it was in, but it sounds like it could be too dry. If the soil is dry to the touch, definitely water. If its outside it might be in too much sun so you might want to put it in more shade, at least for now. If its indoors, or if its very dry outside (air wise), then it might need some more humidity and a misting and more watering would solve that problem.
Good luck!

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