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snowling888May 25, 2008

Hello, I'm new to peonies. I need help with planting. I just bought 5 peonies for super great price, $1.75 for each with 3-5 eyes. I'm very happy with the size of the roots. Last year I picked up a Walmart Sorbet bare root in spring. I buried it too deep. It never came out, so I thought it was dead. This spring when I cleared up the area I planted it, I found it is still alive, with at least six buds, unfortunely, I accidently cutoff 1 bud. Anyway, I replanted again much shallower. However, the eyes were all over the root. So I tried my best to let buds sat shallow on the soil, Well only one bud has developed into stake (which was very long one, I had to let it exposed outside the soil). Now, that plant only has one stake with leaves. What did I do wrong? Because of this experience, I don't know how to plant the new peonies. Should I expose the eyes outside the soil or bury the plant an inch below? I want to replant that Walmart Sorbet in fall to another location so it can get more sun. Is that a good idea? Any thoughts are welcome. thank you.

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Pot up your new roots in one gallon pots in good potting soil, don't worry about potting too deep in the pots. In the fall plant them in the garden at the right depth in full sun. If you plant them 3 or 4 feet apart you should be able to leave them alone for the next 50 years. Al

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