peony doesn't bloom -- help

plays_in_dirt_dirt(Z7A VA bordering NC state line)May 10, 2011

I have a peony about three years old and it hasn't bloomed. It's in full sun and is healthy looking. I have heard and read that they won't bloom if planted too deeply, so I thought I was being careful at planting time to not do that. I planted it with the eyes a couple inches below the surface. Could the settling in process have driven it deeper? If I scratch some soil away from the planting site, would that help? Should I dig up and replant it? If so, in the fall? How can I be sure I'm planting it at the right depth? I have read that peonies shouldn't be moved. What can I do to get blooms next year?


Barbara in Virginia zone 7

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Well if it was a clump of roots and eyes when you planted it 4 years maybe 5 is not unusual! my Karl Rosenfeld i got as clump and it didn't bloom for 4 years just grew stems and leaves no buds.

Now if you are afraid you planted it too deeply scratch some of the soil away to see just how deep it really is.

Do Not pull it up. that will set you back for sure. if it looks healthy i would imagine that its just not ready yet. hopefully next year.

If you really feel you need to move it do it in the fall

Also i always buy plants already blooming or that have buds to avoid the wait. unless of course there is a specific cultivar that i want i will buy the clump and wait anxiously

I hope it blooms for you next year!!!

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plays_in_dirt_dirt(Z7A VA bordering NC state line)

Thanks, Sam. ... maybe I'm just being impatient ... it was a small clump when I planted it ... a gift from a former neighbor ...

Barbara in Virginia zone 7

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I think it is too deep. This fall when it dies back I would take two spading forks, one manned by a strong friend and each of you insert the fork to full depth about 14 inches from the plant center. Rear back on the forks to lift the plant. With the plant raised use a strong stream of water to wash the soil off so you can see the buds for next years stems. With the buds in view fill in under the plant to keep the buds at the surface. Doing this you may break some of the deep root, but it will recover OK. If you do this job this fall your peony will bloom next year. Al

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